Jacky Ickx

An illustrious racing career

Belgian-born Jacky Ickx, 78, remains as fit as a fiddle and is always impeccably turned out, whether he's demonstrating a historic race car or mesmerizing listeners at a Chopard event with tales of his illustrious racing career which began during the early 1960s when he was still a teenager.

Motor racing royalty

An uncontested legend

In motorsport circles, Jacky remains a legend. Winner of the Le Mans 24 hour race a record-breaking six times between 1969 and 1982, he has racked-up eight Formula One wins and 25 podium finishes and completed the gruelling Paris-Dakar rally no fewer than 13 times.

A true friendship

A proud association

Jacky Ickx first became acquainted with Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele when the pair drove together in the 1989 1000 Miglia. Fast forward 34 years and that original meeting has developed into the firmest of friendships, with the effortlessly elegant Jacky Ickx having become very much a part of the Chopard family.

A special race

Shared passions

The pair have since completed the 1000 Miglia together no fewer than a dozen times. Says Jacky Ickx: “The 1000 Miglia is a very special passion-filled race that brings different challenges every time. I think the fact that you just never know what’s going to happen is why I have grown to love it so much.”

(Karl-Friedrich Scheufele sits on a leather seat in a garage with vintage cars in the background. Jacky Ickx sits on another seat next to him, between them is a glass coffee table with a tray presenting timepieces.)

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] It's quite a challenge to create a new Mille Miglia design or variation every year. But the starting point for me is usually the Mille Miglia that precedes the next watch.

[jazzy bass music plays]

(On-screen text: Chopard presents)

(Jacky Ickx and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele stand either side of a car, talking. Close-up of the timepieces displayed on the table.)

(On-screen text: Mille Miglia Timepieces 2023)

(On-screen text: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele)

(Close-up of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard)

(On-screen text: Jacky Ickx, Racing driver champion)

(Close-up of Jacky Ickx)

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] The main inspiration for the new classic Mille Miglia, so to speak, which Jacky has on his wrist here, was actually to go back to 1998 because you find the same bracelet again and a very similar dial, but other than that the entire watch has been completely redesigned in every detail.

(As Karl-Friedrich speaks, Jacky shows his wrist bearing the timepiece.)

(Close-up of the black timepiece with a black dial with silver details along with the word CHOPARD and the red 1000 Miglia logo.)

(On-screen text: Nero Corsa)

(Close-up of the bracelet with a tire design. Close-up of the dial, the silver case and crown with steering wheel detail.)

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] The watch is made out of 80% recycled steel and the very thin rim reminds me of these beautiful dashboards that you have on some racing cars of that period.

[Jacky Ickx] I have the full collection, as he's really a good friend and now I have the full collection of Mille Miglia. And honestly, I didn't know which one to choose because he renewed it every year. And it's not easy to make a new model every year.

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] I think the classic Mille Miglia here kind of reunites everything that I like about the Mille Miglia.

(Close-up of the green timepiece with a brown leather bracelet and light green dial with silver details along with the word CHOPARD and the red 1000 Miglia logo.)

(On-screen text: Verde Chiaro)

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] We decided to add some colors, there's a light green dial available, also a sort of bordeaux colour dial, which reminds me of the Alfa Romeo colors.

(Close-up of the red timepiece with a light brown leather bracelet and bordeaux dial with silver details along with the word CHOPARD and the red 1000 Miglia logo.)

(On-screen text: Rosso Amarena) And a blue one with a rim made of gold.

(Close-up of the blue timepiece with a light brown leather bracelet and dusky blue dial with silver details along with the word CHOPARD and the red 1000 Miglia logo, encircled by a gold rim.)

(On-screen text: Grigio-Blu)

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] This is a novelty presented in 2023 at the Mille Miglia.

(On-screen text: MILLE MIGLIA)

(Close-up of a watch on a black background between the two words, changing from one colour to another: first the black dial, then the light green dial, then the dark red and the blue and gold.)

(On-screen text: Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph)

(On-screen text: COSC)

(On-screen text: Chopard - The Artisan of Emotions - Since 1860)

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