Our sustainability approach

At Chopard, it is critical for us to focus our attention and resources on areas in which we have the greatest opportunity to make a positive impact. We are continually engaging with relevant stakeholders so as to understand their concerns and values, as well as ensuring we are addressing wider global issues.

Responsible sourcing

When it comes to the origins of our creations, we aim to be as transparent as possible and to ensure that our high-quality materials are responsibly sourced.

Environmental management

We aim to minimise the environmental impact of the facilities we own by effectively managing energy usage and water resources, recycling pre-consumer waste materials, and reducing our packaging where possible.

Invest in our people

Our people are an essential part of our success. Keenly aware that everyone at Chopard constitutes the beating heart of our Maison, we make it a top priority to train and develop everyone to the best of their potential.

Awareness raising & engagement

We recognise the importance of using our voice to raise awareness of major sustainability issues in the industry to create positive change.

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