When audacity meets precious jewellery

Seizing the moment and living their lives to the full, today’s women are blessed with a contagious cheerfulness that makes them radiant. Delicate and timeless, yet daring and modern, the HAPPY DIAMONDS collection playfully portrays their independent personalities.

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Happy diamonds watch, Happy Dreams watch
Happy Hearts Bangle 18-carat rose gold and natural Malachite stone Discover

Happy Dreams pendant, Happy Diamonds
Happy Dreams Pendant 18-carat white gold and diamonds Discover

chopard bangle,happy hearts bangle
Happy Hearts Bangle 18-carat rose gold and diamond, reconstructed Turquoise Discover


A vibrant ode to freedom

Diamonds dancing all day long, floating inside a precious watch or unpredictably swirling in a heart-shaped pendant. Wrapped around your wrist or curled around your neck, the iconic HAPPY DIAMONDS jewellery moves freely, adorning everyday life with audacious hints of sparkle.

happy diamonds jewels,chopard
A joyful dance to spread happiness