Haute Joaillerie
Caroline's Dreams

Chopard highlights the extraordinary personality of its Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele. Through her creative genius and knowledge of precious stones, she infuses each of the Maison's Haute Joaillerie creations with a unique aura of splendour.

Artistic Director

Caroline Scheufele represents the power of a mind capable of thinking outside the box and ahead of its time. Her inventiveness and courage are backed by peerless creative strength, propelling Chopard to the firmament of jewellery craftsmanship.

Enhancing something wonderful

Sometimes gems encapsulate such natural beauty that the challenge for the jeweller is to emphasise their aura without excess. In this case, the skill lies in the apparent simplicity of the design.

Radiant beauty

While yellow diamonds are rare, it is all the more exceptional to bring together four specimens of similar colour, size and characteristics.
These four pear-shaped yellow diamonds weighing between 7 and 18 carats are assembled as earrings imbued with sunny charm.

Timeless elegance

This necklace adorned with sculpted rose gold motifs, diamonds and pink sapphires is inspired by the lace collars of 17th century court costumes, recalling the links between couture and jewellery.

Jewellery lace

Inspired by Haute Couture artistic crafts, Caroline opened a dialogue with Haute Joaillerie by inventing a jewellery lace design that has become a hallmark of the Maison.

Diamond guipure lacework

The design of the Precious Lace collection is based on two pear-shaped diamonds, along with intricately interwoven gold patterns, openwork details and diamond hems.

Ode to Nature

The mysterious emerald is one of the gems most beloved by Caroline, who recognises the regenerative power of Nature in the purity of its green hues.


Placed on the earlobe, the tip of a pear-shaped diamond embraces that of an emerald before the corolla of a precious flower blossoms, itself holding a beautiful cabochon emerald adorned with marquise-cut diamonds.

The originality of the cabochon cut

The cabochon cut used for these gems offers a polished surface to highlight the top of the emeralds and the inclusions which make them original.

A virtuoso emerald-studded arrangement

The emerald has been much sought after since Antiquity, and it is this unique yet fragile gem, amidst round- and pear-shaped diamonds, that the Maison’s master jewellers have chosen to highlight in this watch.

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