Chopard luxury fragrance with roses
The red carpet fragrance

Love Chopard

All the most gorgeous roses in the world, spreading out their aura like a red carpet, twirling and dancing with a superb parade of natural scents, creating multiple emotions. Love Chopard is a flamboyant, sweet and seductive fragrance. The ultimate adornment for any young star who gorgeously walks her own red carpet every day.
An ode to the rose, queen of love, queen of flowers and queen of perfumery.

"The red carpet luxury fragrance for women that makes heads and hearts turn."
Love Chopard luxury fragrance bottle surrounded with red roses.
Red roses surrounded with water drops
Roses surrounded with water drops
a whirl of the most gorgeous roses

chopard loves roses

Love Chopard is a luxury fragrance composed around six exceptional varieties of roses, among which some of the most extraordinary roses, such as Bulgarian rose oil, Turkish rose absolute and Centifolia rose absolute.

« I must have roses always and always! They are the most beautiful way to a woman's heart.»
Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President

Love Chopard luxury fragrance bottle with Chopard High Jewellery
a precious flower of hearts

chopard loves jewels

Love Chopard’s superb flacon is a talisman that beautifully speaks the words of love.

Entirely crafted from noble heavy glass set with gold details, it is sculpted to outline a precious flower of hearts, dressed in fiery red, the universal color of love and passion.

True jewel of perfumery and iconic symbol of love, Love Chopard is the perfect gift, to offer and receive.

Man's hands holding a pink rose in the middle of nature.
Three natural pink roses growing in the middle of nature.
Farmer holding a bag full of natural roses.
Tons of roses before the transformation process in the factory.
towards a more sustainable world

Chopard loves nature

« With Love Chopard, I am proud to take our Journey to Sustainable Luxury Perfumery to new heights, introducing what I consider one of the most sustainable luxury fragrances in the world.»

Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President