A dial like no other
Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

In total, 88 watches with these unique dials have been produced in the workshops of the century-old Yamada Heiando company and crafted by master artist Minori Koizumi, a meticulous task requiring no less than 20 hours for each one.

The Urushi story continues to unfold

The L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Dragon boasts a 39.5 mm ethical 18-carat rose gold case and in-house L.U.C 96.17-L calibre.

Each dial was crafted by master artist Minori Koizumi

Every dragon is a perfect balance of Urushi lacquer, gold powder and mother-of-pearl inlays

When tradition meets craftsmanship

This precious dial is housed in an extra-thin case in ethical 18-carat rose gold, which is not only comfortable on the wrist but also offers an unparalleled level of understated elegance.

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