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Enter the realm of enchantment with Chopard's “Contes de Fées”, the new Red Carpet Collection envisioned by Caroline Scheufele. Immerse yourself in a whimsical world where fantastical creatures and fanciful flowers bring dreamy jewels to life.

Diamond Halo

In the enchanted realms of fairy tales, princesses and fairies wear dreamy tiaras, just like this one designed as a brilliant firmament of stars where a winged fairy weaves magic spells.

Mushroom Magic

Enveloping the forests of marvellous, dreamlike worlds, a refuge for insects with fascinating powers, the mushroom is revisited in this ring with a sparkling cap of diamonds assembled in different shades of cognac.

Majestic Oak

Behold the mesmerising beauty of this necklace, inspired by a majestic oak, the epitome of strength and the habitat of small creatures forming a tale in itself. Crafted from ethical gold and titanium, this is a masterpiece of technical prowess.

Fluttering Beauties

Twirling in the air, butterflies, that dance from flower to flower, pollinating and perpetuating life's beauty, are depicted in pastel-coloured earrings, holding two aquamarines weighing 27.57 carats.

Frogs and Delights

In fairy tales, a frog becomes a Prince Charming. This ring with two tiny frogs embracing a 17.71-carat round-cut rubellite reminds us that delightful surprises await us everywhere.

The treasured clown

The ultimate symbol of a return to childhood, the clown has always been a favourite figure of Caroline Scheufele. It's impossible to imagine a modern 'Conte de Fées' without this diamond pendant version, which can also be transformed into a brooch.

Grace and Mastery

This enchanting Lily of the valley brooch showcasing verdant tsavorites and diamonds is a testament to Chopard's titanium sculpting expertise, yielding feather-light, inspiring creations.

Nature Jewel's

Bursting with a joyful contrast of colourful gems, this sautoir is an ode to Nature. At its heart lies a pristine faceted rock crystal enshrining an enchanting flower of rubies, tsavorites, and coloured diamonds.

Whispering Fairies

Fairy tales come alive with fairies infusing magic into stories. Adorned with mother-of-pearl wings, bejewelled fairies nestle in oak- leaf-shaped earrings, whispering wisdom throughout the day.

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