Chopard Loves Cinema

Julia Roberts and Happy Spirit

Watch as Julia Roberts embodies the playful energy of the Happy Spirit necklace in this captivating episode of the Chopard Loves Cinema campaign. Holding up the pendant like a magical lens, she spreads joy and laughter to those around her, infusing the film set with her signature charisma and Joie de Vivre.

Selected by Julia Roberts

An ode to joy

Drawing inspiration from Calder's avant-garde mobiles, Happy Spirit expresses the freedom and fluidity of movement of the Maison's legendary dancing diamonds. Gracefully pirouetting within concentric circles, the design evokes childhood memories of skimming pebbles across the water to create mesmerising ripples.

Femininity and Spirituality

As a timeless symbol of spirituality, balance, and infinity, the circle is deeply intertwined with femininity. At the heart of the Happy Spirit collection lie concentric circles, elegantly adorning diamond rings, bracelets, and necklaces, exquisitely crafted from Ethical 18-carat gold.

Chopard Loves Cinema

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Discover every episode of our Chopard Loves Cinema campaign, celebrating a shared love of the silver screen with global ambassador Julia Roberts.

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