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The gentleman driver

The cultured, cosmopolitan contemporary gentleman naturally discerns beauty and chooses the very best. He is instinctively drawn to the accuracy, power and elegance of iconic Mille Miglia watches. All indisputable tokens of supreme chic and recognition, Mille Miglia luxury watches are the number one symbol of car aficionados who value the best workmanship and designs.

A watch dedicated to gentlemen drivers who carefully examine the past, from which they draw only the best cues for the present, and to whom Mille Miglia watches speak without the slightest pretention, unequivocally conveying an ideal blend of passion and emotion.

Mille Miglia

"A legendary race"

“The world’s finest Gentlemen drivers come for the sheer pleasure of competing in extraordinary cars. Mille Miglia sport watch for men are more than just simple luxury watches. They are a beacon of motorsport pedigree, a style icon and the sign of true classic racing aficionados. Ownership of a Mille Miglia watch shows a veritable passion for cars as well as respect for a community of driving adventurers racing in style. The elegance of these men and women is matched with one of these classic marvels. The rally is characterised by its sportsmanlike atmosphere of exclusivity, conviviality and fair play. Good humour, joie de vivre, the art of living, a passion for fine mechanics and discerning style are an integral part of this competition’s enduring and exceptional success.”

- Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

Mille Miglia watches for men
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