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A tree in a clearing in the jungle, with a waterfall behind it and a grey, foggy sky. A tree in a clearing in the jungle, with a waterfall behind it and a grey, foggy sky.



We recognise the importance of using our size and voice to raise awareness of key sustainability issues in the industry, and to create positive change. Through stakeholder engagement, and high-profile partnerships, Chopard are committed to participating in the environmental justice agenda. Chopard have hosted panel discussions with industry leaders to discuss key sustainability issues in the watch and jewellery sector, including; how to incorporate the SDGs into business strategy, how to achieve increased transparency in supply chains, how to raise consumer awareness and how to achieve sustainable mining practices.

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In March 2018, we organised a high-level panel to discuss global sustainability issues across industries, which sat alongside the announcement that Chopard had achieved 100% ethical gold. Moderated by the Business of Fashion’s Imran Ahmed, panel members included human rights lawyer Cherie Blair and economist Jeffrey Sachs. The panel was also supported by Colin and Livia Firth, Julianne Moore, Arizona Muse and Roy Wang.

The panel addressed the issue of how businesses have successfully implemented the Global Goals into their business strategy, how they make it relevant and understandable and what challenges they face in the process.

The panel discussed the drivers for businesses to consider the Global Goals in their wider strategy as well as how best to measure the impact industry can have on the achievement of high level internationally focussed objectives. Through highlighting appropriate examples and case studies the session sought to guide business in the appropriate implementation of the Global Goals and demonstrate the importance of doing so in the context of wider sustainable development in global environmental and social issues.

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Our collaboration with the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) and Eco-Age is key in leveraging publicity and marketing to engage the public on sustainability issues. The GCC is regarded as the leading promoter of the beauty of ethical fashion worldwide and since its launch, it has involved all the major fashion designers in the world and an array of A-List celebrities on the biggest red carpets worldwide. By joining this initiative, we are raising awareness of the connection between products, supply chain and the people involved at extraction.

All materials featured in Green Carpet Collection are assessed for their environmental and social credentials by Eco-Age. Additionally, the provenance of raw materials is carefully evaluated. Whilst the standards outlined in our Code of Conduct for Partners are applied to all of the materials we use in our pieces, we have focused on a few key materials to drive change in the supply chain.

We have undertaken in depth supply-chain due diligence on some of our lines of Jewellery. We have assessed both the environmental and social supply chain management of a number of materials, including; diamond, opals, emeralds, Paraiba and rubies.

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