Awareness raising and engagement

We recognise the importance of using our voice to raise awareness of major sustainability issues in the industry to create positive change.

Baselworld Ethical Gold Symposium

In March 2018, we organised a high-level panel discussion on global sustainability issues across industries, coinciding with the announcement that Chopard would have achieved 100% Ethical gold status in July 2018.

Spreading the message

Moderated by the Business of Fashion’s CEO and Founder Imran Amed, the panel featured an array of members including human rights lawyer Cherie Blair as well as being supported by Colin and Livia Firth, Julianne Moore, Arizona Muse and Roy Wang. The panel addressed the issue of how businesses can successfully implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their business strategy, the importance of making them relevant and understandable, as well as the challenges they face in the process.

Green Carpet Challenge

Our collaboration with the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) and Eco-Age is key to engaging the public on sustainability issues through high-profile events.

Green carpet collections

The GCC is regarded as the leading force in sustainable fashion worldwide and since its launch, it has involved all the major fashion designers in the world along with an array of A-List celebrities on the biggest red carpets worldwide. By joining this initiative, we are raising awareness about the stories behind our beautiful luxury jewellery creations.

All materials featured in our Green Carpet Collections are assessed by Eco-Age for their environmental and social credentials. Additionally, the provenance of raw materials is carefully evaluated. Whilst the standards outlined in our Code of Conduct for Partners are applied to all the materials used in everything we make, in the Green Carpet Collections we have focused on key materials, such as diamonds, black opals, emeralds, and Paraiba tourmalines, in order to drive change in the supply chain.

Philanthropic ventures

At Chopard, we align the value of luxury goods with the well-being of people and the planet and therefore support several not-for-profit organisations by donating a percentage of sales proceeds from special editions of our iconic luxury watch and jewellery creations.

Philanthropic collaboration

Alpine Eagle Foundation

Testament to Chopard's ethical approach, Alpine Eagle gives the Maison an opportunity to reveal its latest commitment to protecting the Alpine environment through the launch of the Alpine Eagle Foundation – of which Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a founding member.

Philanthropic collaboration

All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response

Since 2009, we have worked with Petra Nemcova in supporting All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response, helping to rebuild safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. To provide assistance with proceeds from the Happy Hearts jewellery collection, Caroline Scheufele created a special edition 18-carat rose gold luxury bangle bracelet for women, featuring a red heart as well as a heart with a dancing diamond.

Philanthropic collaboration

José Carreras

In July 1988, one year after winning his battle against leukemia, world-famous tenor José Carreras set up a foundation to support research and promising scientific projects in the treatment of this disease. The Foundation helps to improve treatment opportunities and increase the number of hospital units equipped to perform bone marrow transplants. A José Carreras Swiss luxury watch collection was launched in 1996, of which the first limited editions bore engravings of various opera houses around the world on the case-back. Our partnership with the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation continues to hold strong and to support treatment opportunities for leukemia through the sale of our L.U.C XP watches.

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