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Valleys and wooded mountains with rays of suns reflected in a lake Valleys and wooded mountains with rays of suns reflected in a lake



In 2013, Chopard embarked on The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a journey driven by a sense of profound humility and by an ambitious commitment to making a positive difference. Aware of the social and environmental challenges that surround the jewellery industry, as a family owned business, Chopard has always strived to work in a way that is respectful of people and the environment. Over the years, these values have become increasingly tangible and felt by the company as a whole, leading to the formalization and implementation of our Journey into our business practices and operations. The final destination may still be far ahead, but each action is one step closer to achieving a better future for our company, our people, and the generations to come.

In particular, our Journey to Sustainable Luxury is centered around our committement to protecting and preserving the Earth from which we source our raw materials. We operate according to compliance rules and verified industry standards and practices.

Responsibility means being transparent about our business practices and ensuring we continually improve these practices over time. We make sure that environmental, social and business conduct policies are communicated throughout the supply chain, from raw material suppliers, to internal employees, through to the communities in which the company operates, and the consumers who purchase the final products. 



Our commitment to sustainability is made possible through an overarching and well-established internal governance structure, based on strong family values, that works to ensure ethical and responsible principles are incorporated throughout Chopard.

  • The ultimate accountability for policies and practice rests with Karl Friedrich Scheufele & Caroline Scheufele (the owners).
  • We have a centralised raw material procurement team, based in Geneva, who works with a dedicated sustainability manager.

The sustainability manager feeds directly into the senior management team and works hand in hand with the various departments to deploy the corporate sustainability strategy. Our commitment to responsible business is mandated through a series of policies covering business ethics, anti-bribery/corruption and our overall compliance manual.

Our employees, from our workshop artisans who create the pieces, to our sales teams who inform the end consumer of the stories of the pieces themselves, are trained in our corporate sustainability strategy and initiatives.  As part of our Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practices certification this training structure is continually reviewed and monitored, allowing for additional training for staff in key risk areas such as raw material procurement.



At Chopard, it is critical for us to focus our attention and resources on the areas of greatest concern to the business and stakeholders, and on which we have the greatest opportunity to make a positive impact. We are continually engaging with relevant stakeholders to understand their concerns and values, as well as ensuring we are addressing wider global issues. As issues change over time, this is an ongoing process. 

Our sustainability strategy is based on a materiality assessment, in line with current international best practices. This approach allows us to strategically view key risks and opportunities and devise and implement programmes and targets to address them. Our sustainability priorities can be broadly segmented into four categories: 

  • Responsible sourcing

  • Environmental management

  • Investment in our people

  • Engagement and awareness

Moutains covered by grass and jungle trees, with some clouds floating in the valleys. Moutains covered by grass and jungle trees, with some clouds floating in the valleys.



Since 2010, we have been a proud member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). By achieving and maintaining certification to the RJC Code of Practices standard in 2012, we can ensure that our business operates in accordance with the requirements of the standard including, but not limited to,  respect for human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and product disclosure.

The Responsible Jewellery Council has developed a common platform of standards for the jewellery supply chain, as well as credible mechanisms for verifying responsible business practices through third party auditing. Through this platform the RJC reinforces consumer confidence in the jewellery industry by promoting responsible practices throughout the jewellery supply chain. As a member, we are proud to promote these standards.



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