Julia Roberts X Chopard
Chopard Loves Cinema

The face of the Happy Sport and Happy Diamonds collections since 2021, Chopard global ambassador Julia Roberts is now the muse of all the Maison’s women's luxury watch and jewellery collections. To celebrate this special bond, director James Gray captures their shared love of cinema in a stunning new campaign.

[jazzy feel-good music] 

(On-screen text: Chopard) 

(Shots of Julia Roberts in a bright pink dress and a sparkling Chopard heart pendant and Happy Sport watch, talking animatedly and smiling at the camera.) 

(On-screen text: Your feel-good surprise?) 

I think any time friends turn up from out of town, as a surprise, that's always a good one. 

[camera clicks] 

(Each camera click reveals a different black and white photo of Julia playing with a dog on set, smiling and posing, always wearing a sparkling heart pendant and Happy Sport watch.) 

(On-screen text: Chopard, feel-good jewellery)

Chopard Loves Cinema
Digital Series

Discover every episode of our exciting Chopard Loves Cinema campaign starring Julia Roberts.

An icon as you've never seen her
A glimpse backstage

Chopard offers a rare insight into authentic, behind-the-scenes moments with Julia Roberts in its unprecedented feel-good campaign.