1,Place Vendôme


Chopard brings the Scheufele family's famous sense of hospitality to Paris with the opening of 1, Place Vendôme. Located in the historic heart of the City of Light, this establishment occupies a gem of French heritage entirely restored under the guidance of interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. An exclusive and discreet luxurious address, at the crossroads of history and contemporary comfort.

An exclusive address

Within this unique setting, time offers an unprecedented opportunity for guests to reconnect with the past through historic architecture, while experiencing the present, exuding the comfort of a contemporary Family Home. With its 15 rooms and suites named after gemstones or precious materials, its cosy lounges designed in harmony with the rooms, and its table d'hôte run by chef Boris Algarra, 1, Place Vendôme presents a new vision of luxury: timeless, human, simple and humble, an intimate and shared experience like many exceptional moments we encounter.

"The mix between historical and contemporary is what will give the place its charm"

Karl-Fritz Scheufele

Artisans of Savoir - Vivre

In tune with the watchmaking and jewellery métiers d'art at which Chopard excels, many Artisans have striven to renovate, revamp and enhance this historic private mansion. Under the guidance of interior architect and designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, every surface and detail has been chosen to create a harmonious environment. Stone-cutters, cabinet-makers, marquetry specialists, gilders, Parisian weavers, Murano glass-makers, wrought ironwork craftsmen, ornamental plasterers, marble masons: the palette of materials, textures and finishes at 1, Place Vendôme has been meticulously composed by Europe's finest artisans. Selected for their unique expertise, they reflect the Scheufele family's commitment to perpetuating and passing on traditional skills handed down from generation to generation, in watchmaking and jewellery, as well as in the decorative arts.

"The “décor” speaks immediately to someone who knows our history, but can also be simply admired for its beauty by someone less familiar”

Karl-Fritz Scheufele

A private place, a Family Home

The idea of a Family Home is a core concept for the Scheufeles. Across Chopard boutiques in the four corners of the world, visitors are invited to share the same Family Spirit. 1, Place Vendôme is an extension of this philosophy. Brimming with family anecdotes, historical references and a collection of artworks assembled by the Scheufele family, this private mansion is a place where stopping the clock and time for oneself are as precious as moments of sharing, celebration or serenity. The only thing that counts is a desire to revel in the comfort of a friendly, warm, intimate setting.