Happy Hearts

Combining coloured hearts with the legendary dancing diamonds – two elements chosen as symbols of the Maison – the Happy Hearts diamond jewellery collection offers an assortment of creations to be worn as veritable talismans, both for the small joys of everyday life and for the sparkle of special occasions.

The Heart

The heart: a symbolic shape that Chopard has made its own over the years. An emblem cherished by Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele and that she brilliantly and tirelessly reinvents through daytime versions as well as splendid and unique Haute Joaillerie creations.

Dancing diamonds

They set their surroundings aglow in one smooth move. Ever since their creation in Chopard's workshops in 1976, Happy Diamonds have conveyed a contagious flow of Joie de Vivre. Their dance composes a playful and invigorating show in which freedom and light compete for the favours of an enchanting smile.

Happy Hearts

The epitome of softness with its voluptuous lines. Moving and colourful. Profoundly ethical. Since its launch in 2009, the Happy Hearts collection has established itself as a jewellery icon.

My Happy Hearts

My Happy Hearts: Dainty jewels inspired by the caress of a single heart, worn alone or stacked as stylish accessories.

Happy Hearts Wings

The curves of its wings form a beautiful heart in mid-air. The butterfly, ideal symbol of lightness and metamorphosis, brings its full elegance, daintiness and symbolic strength to the Happy Hearts Wings collection.

Happy Hearts Flowers

Happy Hearts Flowers plays on the symbol of the Maison by arranging a corolla of five gold hearts around a dancing diamond, thus forming delicate and extremely feminine flowers. Fashioned in ethical 18-carat gold, bangle bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants enrich the garden of this line for Big-Hearted women.


Fine gemstones

Their very essence provides scope for all sorts of fanciful touches. In making a solo appearance, they take their place discreetly while radiating a strong presence. When several are stacked, they create a festival of light and colour.


Responsible sourcing

When it comes to the origins of our creations, we aim to be as transparent as possible and to ensure that our high-quality materials are responsibly sourced.

Ethical Gold

As an expression of its commitment to responsible luxury, Chopard has used responsibly sourced gold in the creation of its watches and jewellery since 2018. In line with this ethos, the gold models are crafted in Ethical Gold.

Finest Diamonds

In addition to the 4 Cs – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight – required for all the diamonds exclusively purchased from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, Chopard’s Artisans bring unique expertise to make these precious stones twirl.

Meet our Artisans

Our mains d'art

Chopard’s Artisans bring unique expertise to making diamonds twirl. Invented by the Maison in 1976, dancing diamonds spin freely on the watch dial thanks to the talent of the Artisan Choreographers who oversee their movements.


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