Jewellery sculpting Artisan

Before existing in gold and precious stones, some High Jewellery creations are first made up in wax. And it is Anthony who carries out the sculpting thereof, by applying his artistically gifted hands. Working from the drawing that is submitted to him, the luxury jewellery-sculpting artisan uses his tools to create the first three-dimensional model of the jewellery to come. Once completed, it will serve as the mould in which a rough gold version will be replicated.
"As a jewellery-sculpting Artisan in Chopard’s High Jewellery ateliers, my work is to give life to an idea, a sketch, a gemstone or just a theme. Even though this can involve lengthy research, it fulfils my vital need to work with my hands. I am driven by the idea that each second devoted to this quest for perfection is totally worth it."

-Anthony, Jewellery-Sculpting Artisan

Anthony, Jewellery-Sculpting Artisan

"When one owns a piece of jewellery, it contains not only a part of its owner, but also a part of the Artisan who crafted it. In short, a jewel is a talisman."

Anthony, Jewellery-Sculpting Artisan

Anthony fully embodies what we call manual intelligence. For this Artisan specialised in wax sculpture, who joined our High Jewellery workshops in 2006, working with his hands is more than just a skill, and more than just a profession: it is a passion. The challenge lies in transforming a two-dimensional drawing into an ephemeral sculpture carved in three dimensions from a block of wax. While the sketch serves to highlight the colour and intensity of the gems, the sculpture will reveal the volumes of the luxury jewellery creation to be.

Anthony offers his own interpretation of the project with the help of his tools, fully expressing his creativity to transform what was hitherto only a

dream into a palpable reality. As he carves away the wax to give shape to his model, however, Anthony appears to be immersed in a dream, as if he himself were becoming the object he is fashioning. When he makes a flower-shaped piece of fine jewellery, he becomes the flower and blooms in the same way. When it is an animal, he transforms himself into that animal and seeks to imitate its gestures and gait. Thanks to these dreams, Anthony lives a thousand lives! Once his sculpture is completed, it will resemble the future luxury jewellery creation and will be used in the lost wax casting workshop to be melted down, giving way to a similar shape in gold.

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