Mille Miglia
Fuelled by passion

For almost 30 years, the heart of Chopard and that of the 1000 Miglia have been beating as one. They share a love of beautiful engineering and performance, born of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s personal passion for classic cars. For him, these ties are self-evident: “Lovers of fine cars often have a weakness for precious timepieces, and vice versa. Extreme precision and sporting elegance are important in both fields.”

Sealed in 1988 when Chopard became world partner and official timekeeper to the fabled 1000 Miglia, this now inseparable bond inspired the creation of an eponymous sport luxury watch collection launched that same year.

Each spring, the prestigious endurance rally sees more than 400 historical cars competing along an enchanting route running from Brescia to Rome and back.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
The passion of a gentleman

The close ties between Chopard and the 1000 Miglia stem from a now-inseparable shared history. The initial connection was born from the personal passion of a consummate gentleman for classic cars: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Under his leadership, Chopard became world partner and official timekeeper to the 1000 Miglia in 1988 and one of the first brands to associate its name with the automobile world.

Each year, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is on the starting line under the watchful eye of his own father, Karl Scheufele, who instilled in him his own fascination and enthusiasm for classic cars.

For Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the links are entirely natural: “Lovers of fine cars often have a great weakness for precious timepieces and vice versa. Extreme precision and sporting elegance are important in both these fields.”

"The love of driving Classic Cars is definitely in our blood"
- Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

Sharing racing emotions
A family passion under the Chopard flag

The Mille Miglia is a story of passion for the Scheufele family, a passion transmitted from generation to generation. All the members of the family have taken part in or attended the Mille Miglia under the Maison Chopard flag. In 2019, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele welcomed his daughter Caroline-Marie into the passenger seat, the latest family member to be infused with a passion for classic cars that can be traced back to her great-grandfather who began collecting interesting automobiles as long ago as the 1950s.

35 years of undimmed passion
A retrospective

Since becoming the 1000 Miglia's principal partner and official timekeeper in 1988, Chopard has produced a new Mille Miglia sport luxury watch every year. Over the decades, these have come to be highly sought-after collectors’ items, as much for their rarity as for all their other attributes.

Mille Miglia watches for men
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