May 22nd 2014

A ‘Fairmined’ Palme d’Or


This year,the legendary Palme d’Or is turning green. On the occasion of the 67th edition of the festival, the trophy annually crafted in our workshops since 1998 takes on a newfound glow by appearing for the very first time in ‘Fairmined’ certified gold, meaning ethical gold extracted in full respect of the rules of economic, social and environmental development.

With the Cannes Film Festival, we are writing a new page in our shared history and boldly proclaiming our determination to work towards a luxury that is both civic-minded and respectful of the environment.

Making such a prestigious trophy in ‘Fairmined’ gold represents a crucial stage in our ongoing “Journey”. “I am proud and happy that the Palme d’Or which I redesigned 16 years ago should be made of traceable gold mined in a manner respectful of human beings and the environment”. said Caroline Scheufele, co-president of Chopard.

“We are so excited about this ground breaking world first” enthused Livia Firth, founder and creative director of Eco-Age. “Chopard is not only bringing ‘Fairmined’ gold to the very core of cinema and one of the biggest red carpet festivals in the world, but cementing it into the very heart of the festival – the Palm d’Or – is incredibly exciting. Once again Chopard has proved that with its Journey to Sustainable Luxury, they are at the forefront of sustainable luxury.”

In creating the Palme d’Or from ‘Fairmined’ gold, sustainable luxury has truly been placed on a world stage, highlighting the importance of artisanal skills at the very beginning of the supply chain. For the first time ever, the Palme d’Or will represent not only the very highest standards of film production but ethical gold production as well.

In addition to the precious Palme, our artisans also annually produce the ‘Mini-Palmes’ awarded to the Best Actor and Best Actress, as well as the Caméra d’Or and the Chopard Trophies. Like their famous ‘big sister’ the ‘Mini-Palmes’ will also be made in’ Fairmined’ gold.

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