January 17th 2017

The Gentleman’s Way revisit the Chopard L.U.C collection


For all modern gentlemen, Chopard has revisted the L.U.C Collection with wit and delectation. It is time to tune in to our YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram account to follow the golden rules of etiquette.

Through a series of short films, the Maison’s exceptional L.U.C timepieces are celebrated with distinctive style and a touch of humor, and can be viewed as a tribute to good manners… with a twist. Let’s take them in order.

#1 It’s the journey, not the destination. An invitation to travel for the sake of travel. So spin your globe and take off immediately to live an experience with your L.U.C Time Traveler One.

#2 Always keep your word. The L.U.C XPS 1860 Edition will keep you company in all circumstances, so you can honor your engagements, whether they be wise or wild.

#3 Prepare breakfast in bed. Take a break from the frenzy of a modern gentleman’s life. With a L.U.C Chrono One, built in Chopard’s manufacture, you’ll take on this challenge with confidence.

#4 Hold the door open for others. A gentleman is recognized by his ability to carry out the basic rules of proper etiquette. And in style, please. The sleek design of an L.U.C XPS on your wrist will add panache to the gesture.

#5 Never, never, never give up. It’s well worth the effort and demonstrates good character, a trait that all gentlemen should display, and with a L.U.C GMT One for the full persona.

#6 Choose not to own a chihuahua. Some pets are so overrated. With a refined L.U.C XPS on your wrist and a cuddly friend, you will become a new icon of elegance.

#7 It’s not a dream, but a plan. A gentleman is always true to his words and to his dreams. Five, four, three, two, one, you have an L.U.C Lunar Big Date. Bon voyage!

#8 Keep stress under control. Groomed to perfection with an L.U.C Quattro to complete your charm and good looks. Elegance is in the details and requires a dose of self-control.

#9 There is always an exception to a rule. A gentleman is constantly attentive to others and to the world around them. And he does what needs to be done, in the L.U.C XPS style, that is, with precision.

#10 Stay positive in a negative situation. Style is a frame of mind. Refinement comes in many forms for an elegant gent who knows that the L.U.C XPS 1860 Edition on his wrist is the ultimate signature to his outfit.

#11 There is something to learn from everyone. A gentleman is a curator of style, has an open mind, but knows that the L.U.C XPS 1860 Edition covers a lot of grounds in terms of distinction.

It goes without saying that if you wish to apply these rules to your everyday life it should be done with impeccable style, with your best suit and a pair of well-polished shoes. To further your gentleman’s attire, you can shop online on our UK & US e-boutiques.

Louis-Ulysee Chopard, whose initials are the namesake of this timeless collection, could only approve of this humourous series, in a true Gentleman’s Way!