March 14th 2014

The Mystery of the Chameleon Diamond


Within the world of precious gemstones, brightly coloured diamonds have always held a place of their own, thanks to their rarity, but also because of their flamboyant colours. Among them is a little known gemstone that is as rare as it is exceptional: the Chameleon diamond.

Thus named after the tiny animal that changes colour in order to adapt to the world around it, the chameleon diamond fascinates connoisseurs: its ability to temporarily change colour after heating or long storage in the dark gives it unique status among diamonds. Green diamonds represent only a tiny percentage of coloured diamonds. Among them is the extremely rare and precious variety known as chameleon diamonds. They are distinguished from other diamonds of this colour by their intrinsic nature, and by their subtle palette of green shades ranging from brown to yellow, which only nature can produce.

The change in colour of Chameleon diamonds is ephemeral… The original “olive green” colour of the stone shifts into an intense yellow or orange-yellow colour when the stone is kept in the dark for 24 hours or when it is heated to approximately 200 degrees Celcius. It gradually reverts to green when exposed to daylight or as it cools down.

The 31.32 carat oval-cut chameleon diamond is the largest documented stone in this category. Its exceptional colour and clarity, combined with the dispersion (fire) inherent to diamonds, gives Chopard’s Chameleon Diamond a unique identity in the world of gemstones.

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