March 24th 2014

When Haute Joaillerie meets mechanical excellence


Is it a watch or a piece of jewellery? That is a challenging question, and we decided not to choose between Haute Joaillerie and mechanical excellence. Instead we channeled expertise from both fields into this model.

This irresistible treasure is endowed with a mechanical movement entirely developed in-house from the workshops of Fleurier Ebauches, which gives this Imperiale Joaillerie Rainbow model a combination of Haute Joaillerie and precision mechanics to create a divinely unique aesthetic. This new model is a watch graced with clean lines bearing elegant testimony to Chopard’s impressive range of capabilities and appears in majestic grandeur with its admirable gem-setting.

Entirely paved with diamonds and coloured stones, the gold case provides a spectacularly contrasting frame to its mother-of-pearl dial adorned with coloured stones hour-markers. Enthroned at its centre and surrounded by diamonds, the characteristic arabesque motifs of the Imperiale collection, inspired by the scrolling patterns on imperial regalia, form a delicate background and serve as a subtle reminder of the dagger-shaped hours and minute hands.

The presence of the colour formerly known as “imperial purple”, the lugs inspired by the columns of classical architecture, and the crown shaped like a lotus flower form a regal set of details echoing the heritage of the grand historical empires in this watchmaking collection.