Two happy sport watch intertwined

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This application requires access to sensor in order to move diamonds depending on device movements.

Watches and Jewellery Happy Diamonds

Liberated from the constraints of any setting, since their invention in 1976, Happy Diamonds have intensified the life and impulses of Free-Spirited Women.

Close-up of Julia Roberts smiling Close-up of Julia Roberts smiling

Julia Roberts and Happy Diamonds An encounter between two icons

Together with Julia Roberts, dancing diamonds engage in a playful and invigorating pas de deux, exuding a madly inspiring energy.  From Happy Diamonds to the observers’ gaze, a whole world lights up and comes to life through a smile that is at once intimate and powerful.

Memories of a golden age The legacy of dancing diamonds

By overturning the codes of watchmaking and jewellery in the mid-1970s, Chopard accompanied the changes of an era marked by the women empowerment and the liberalisation of society. The Maison pays tribute to a victorious past that forged its identity.

Know-how Free diamonds

At Chopard, Joie de Vivre is a founding principle, a breath of fresh air, a form of momentum that is meant to be shared. At the heart of each everyday action, it is this very movement that flutters and brings to life the endlessly renewed ballet of the mobile diamonds. Through the grace of a gesture, a generous sign of attention, or a smile, the entire universe lights up.

Dancing diamonds A unique concept

They set their surroundings aglow in one smooth move. Ever since their creation in Chopard's workshops in 1976, the Happy Diamonds have conveyed a contagious flow of Joie de Vivre. Their dance composes a playful and invigorating show in which freedom and light compete for the favours of an enchanting smile.

Happy Sport watch lying on the side