Mesmerizingly charming talismans


Happy Spirit Collection

Life naturally harbours the joy of perpetual motion, as gracefully expressed through the subtle movement of a talisman jewel: the Happy Spirit collection symbolises the cardinal values permeating the Maison Chopard. A jewellery collection imbued with multiple artistic sources, which it vividly embodies through its light effects and pure lines.

The ageless femininity of the circle

Through a wonderful game of chance and kinetic energy, dancing diamonds perform a mesmerising choreography staging multiplied circles, the perennial and multicultural symbol of femininity, fertility and perpetual rebirth.

Their incessant movement tells the story of a whirl of a joyful life in motion. Happy Spirit is available in a complete range of necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and bangles in 18-carat gold and diamonds. All carry within them the joyful radiance of endless celebration.

When jewellery mirrors art

The eminently feminine roundness of the circle naturally conjures up a range of artistic connotations. The free and apparently random variations of the circles gracing Happy Spirit jewellery stage a perpetually renewed show that vividly illustrates this formal interpretation: a single movement or impulse enables them to redraw the map of possibilities and reshuffle the cards of desire.

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