September 21st 2015

The IMPERIALE Empress Jewellery Box


If one were to invent a set of jewellery for a modern empress, it would undoubtedly be one stamped with the seal of independence and freedom, from which one could multiply the various interpretations and associations in order to let the imagination run riot.

The “Empress Jewellery Box”. While its name is a nod to the noble dreams it carries, the pieces it consists of testify to strong roots in the codes of contemporary aesthetics. Five pieces describe today’s jewellery daydreams, the kind that adorn women of character radiating an aura of timeless chic. This capsule collection develops the iconic “Imperial” motif. On the watch, the pattern is combined with diamonds delicately set on the watch crystal, admirably framing a circular-grained mother-of-pearl dial peeking from beneath its dainty curves. The exquisitely profiled hands sweep across this canvas and reveal the hour in complete transparency, infusing this object with the sublime sparkle of a jewel in the guise of a watch. The magic continues to unfurl on the case encircled by baguette diamonds, while the lugs are set with brilliant-cut diamonds picking up the “Imperiale” motif. And to make this exceptional object even more unique, the strap is presented in a pleated purple damask fabric on which the collection’s emblematic motif appears in embroidery.

The jewellery line consists of a pair of earrings, a ring, a necklace and a spectacular tiara featuring a design echoing the “Imperiale” motif. With its rose gold arabesques adorned in diamonds and amethysts facetted and cut in harmony with this motif, the collection exudes an unmistakable sense of stately majesty.

During the Venice Film Festival, American supermodel and IMPERIALE ambassadress Hilary Rhoda dazzled while wearing our new creations from the Empress Box.