An unprecedented Palme d'Or in 2022

Chopard is delighted to celebrate the 75th edition of the Cannes Festival, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of its partnership with this legendary event. To celebrate this double jubilee hand in hand, the Swiss jeweller has created a unique trophy by placing the Palme d'Or – of which two tiny leaves are diamond-set – on a rose quartz base.

A double celebration in perfect unison

Honouring the 75th anniversary of the world's greatest film festival – with which Chopard has been nurturing a passionate relationship for 25 years – in due style called for an exceptional Palme. In 2022, the Maison’s Artistic Director and Co-President Caroline Scheufele decided to revisit the Palme d'Or by studding two of its tiny leaves with diamonds from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. One is graced with 75 diamonds symbolising the Festival's jubilee; while the other features 25 diamonds to immortalise the quarter-century of the partnership with Chopard. The Palme in Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat yellow gold is placed not on the traditional rock crystal cushion, but instead on a base made of rose quartz – a stone symbolising love.

A 25-year love affair

In Greek mythology, this powdery pink, delicately veined gemstone is said to have been created by Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Quartz, from the Greek word krustallos meaning "ice", is said to be the ice of the gods. Rose quartz was thus chosen to symbolise the unconditional love binding the Festival with cinema – as well as that of Chopard with the Festival since 1997, when Caroline Scheufele left carrying a Palme d'Or to be reinvented after a meeting with then Festival President Pierre Viot. Ever since, Chopard has cherished this partnership as a love story to be written, entirely contained in these constantly renewed vows, exactly as Caroline Scheufele is highlighting at Cannes this year with the theme ‘Chopard Loves Cinema’.