Trophée Chopard
Rewarding young talents

At the initiative of Caroline Scheufele, since 2001, the Trophée Chopard has been awarded at an emotional annual ceremony to rising talents in the form of an actress and an actor who have had a successful debut. Through this accolade, the Maison – in association with the Cannes Festival – reaffirms its unconditional support for creative filmmaking. Handed over by a prestigious godmother or godfather during the Cannes fortnight, for over 20 years the prize has been awarded to various budding stars in international cinema, such as Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, Léa Seydoux,
Jeremy Irvine.

Supporting creative filmmaking
Passing on the spotlight

The trophy – a silver-coated gold film reel on a glass base – was designed by Caroline Scheufele herself. Like the Palme d’Or and indeed all the trophies awarded during the closing ceremony of the Cannes Festival, it is crafted by Chopard’s High Jewellery artisans. The actors are selected by a distinguished committee composed of Caroline Scheufele, along with former godfathers, godmothers and laureates of previous editions who are always happy to pass on the spotlight from which they have themselves benefited.

Natalie Portman
Godmother of the 2023 Trophée Chopard

Movie legend Natalie Portman will be the godmother of the Trophée Chopard awarded during the 76th Cannes Film Festival during a prestigious dinner on May 19th dedicated to the theme of skills transmission, at the invitation of Iris Knobloch, Thierry Frémaux and Caroline Scheufele. The two laureates will be decided by the votes of the Académie du Trophée Chopard, composed of winners as well as godfathers and godmothers of previous editions. Who better to entrust this honour than the Israeli-American actress who in the course of her almost 30-year career to date, has masterfully played an impressive variety of roles in more than 60 films and five series, as well as becoming involved in production.

Laureates of the 22nd Trophée Chopard
Naomi Ackie & Daryl McCormack

The winners of this year’s Trophée Chopard are actress Naomi Ackie and actor Daryl McCormack. Both already have a distinguished career to their credit with a long list of prestigious nominations and awards. Irishman Daryl McCormack is well known for his lead role in British comedy-drama Good luck to you, Leo Grande (2022), while Naomi Ackie recently starred as Whitney Houston in Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody (2022).

Chopard reaffirms its support for creative filmmaking by awarding the Chopard Trophée every year to rising actors and actresses during the Cannes Film Festival.

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