A jewel just for you
Me, Myself & My Happy Hearts

My Happy Hearts: Dainty jewels like caresses, based on the principle of a single heart, worn alone or stacked as stylish accessories.

Cute collectibles

Necklaces, chain bracelets, rings and earrings in Ethical 18-carat rose or white gold, with carnelian, mother-of-pearl or diamond-set hearts. The collection’s rings and earrings are also available with a dancing diamond.
The earrings can be acquired individually for greater flexibility and creativity.

Tailor-made style
Stacked or solo

Worn alone on strategic points, each piece of My Happy Hearts jewellery becomes the embodiment of less is more. Chic minimalism thus meets mix and match with different models and colours offering an infinite range of combinations to suit every mood, outfit, emotion or seasonal whim.

Kawaii jewellery
Treat yourself

Slender, discreet, "kawaii" jewellery in featherlight Ethical 18-carat rose or white gold which becomes like skin lingerie, a sensual link between you and yourself. Faithful companions with carnelian, mother-of-pearl or diamond-set hearts (or dancing diamonds for rings and earrings) that accompany women from Pilates sessions to flamboyant parties.

Discover My Happy Hearts: dainty jewels to be worn alone or stacked as stylish accessories, and the hallmark of a reinvented relationship with oneself.

A sheltering heart
A sign of self-love

Tender, playful, generous, mischievous, and so very happy, My Happy Hearts is a manifesto dedicated to tenderness, to gentleness captured and nurtured. A collection that embodies a way of loving oneself in a sunny, generous and benevolent manner, in order to radiate the light cultivated within.

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