Couture meets Haute Joaillerie

Chopard designer Caroline Scheufele pioneers a new chapter by weaving a conversation between luxury jewellery and clothing.

Watch and jewellery designer Caroline Scheufele presented her debut collection of 50 couture silhouettes during an exclusive fashion show during the 76th Cannes Film Festival. Taking the art of custom dressmaking into a sparkling new realm, the collection is comprised of elaborate textures that evoke skilful gemsetting, delicate artisanal embroidery, as well as fabric structure in total symbiosis with High Jewellery. Designed to bring fashion and luxury jewellery to life in perfect harmony, both art forms shone brightly on their own while magnifying the beauty and craftsmanship of the other. Resolutely intended to last, the pieces in this first collection are not expected to take centre stage for just a single season before becoming obsolete. They can be ordered at any time, year after year, as perfectly proportioned icons within a timeless wardrobe.

A brilliantly designed, charismatic collection

By encouraging a flourishing dialogue between fashion and jewellery codes, Caroline's Couture offers women the possibility of building their outfits in a perfectly coordinated way. “A wardrobe is like a jewellery collection, which time makes more and more precious because it is accompanied by slices of life and carries experiences, memories and memorable moments within it. It is this approach to jewellery that I wanted to transpose to clothing” explains Caroline Scheufele. This meant sourcing the noblest materials, harnessing the skills of master artisans, and experimenting with fabrics to create unique textures akin to the opulence of a fine jewellery piece.

Echoing the Red Carpet High Jewellery collection created in Chopard’s Geneva workshops, each material has been meticulously custom-tailored to cultivate an extraordinarily sophisticated texture, enhancing its structure, fluidity and harmonious synergy with the fine jewellery world. Just like Caroline's exquisite luxury jewellery pieces, these garments are as much about love as they are about lasting investments, designed to accompany women towards a sustainable future, in which what is loved once can be loved forever.

Caroline's Couture

Creating a virtuous circle

Caroline Scheufele has consistently strived for a fairer world by ensuring responsible ethical, social and environmental practices. This couture collection could not have been created without being deeply rooted in these humanist values. All of Caroline's Couture embroidery has been crafted by the Kalhath Institute in Lucknow, North India, which was born in 2016 under the impetus of Maximiliano Modesti. As Caroline Scheufele points out: "When you are lucky enough to live a charmed life, it is only right to create a virtuous circle by giving back what you can for the benefit of others. The Kalhath Institute works to strengthen the skills of the artisans, to pass on this exceptional expertise within India and to put in place framework conditions enabling the craftspeople to earn fair wages – and these are exactly the kind of steps we have been taking for several years at Chopard.”