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There is one particular atelier where artisans work without the slightest noise of machines or tools and where all that can be heard is the sound of a pencil gliding across paper. This is the realm where the fertile imagination of Mo – Design Drafting Artisan in our High Jewellery department – has been roaming free since 2011. In this office with its sloping desks overlooking the Swiss Jura and the wine-growing plains of Canton Geneva, she serenely traces a two-dimensional vision of the creations that our Artisan Jewellers will create in precious stones and metals.
"Drawing is my language, my way of expressing myself. The emotion I feel when my hand has finally succeeded in accurately translating the idea that I have in mind is indescribable."

-Mo, High Jewellery design drafting artisan

MO, High Jewellery Design Drafting artisan

"I am the Design Drafting Artisan in Chopard’s High Jewellery Design Department. My mission is to sketch the lines of the pieces of jewellery that will be crafted in the workshops."

Mo, design drafting artisan

Mo requires twin talents: first, the ability to draw; but above all, the capacity to dream. To let her imagination wander in every moment of her daily life. A stroll in a park, an exhibition, a nap in the garden, a pairing of rare diamonds laid out on her desk: Mo stores every detail in her mind. They will be her source of inspiration in giving life to the most beautiful High Jewellery creations. Drawing is her language, her only means of expression. With accurate, deft touches, she unleashes ideas previously confined to the depths of her thoughts.

Everything begins with sketches, details, and drafts that she reinterprets until she feels she has taken her thinking to its ultimate conclusion. She then begins the final drawing on a sheet of paper,

the one that will be the first real image of the luxury jewellery to come. Pencils, felt-tip pens, paints: lines emerge, colours bloom, paper comes to life. In the High Jewellery atelier from which only one-of-a-kind creations emerge, the drawing will be the only concrete representation of a jewel before it is completed in three dimensions. It will therefore serve as a basis for all the model-makers, who will keep the precious sketch permanently on their workbench. Prior to that, it will have been approved by Caroline Scheufele, her workshop manager or the clients to whom it has been proposed. Thanks to Mo’s talent, everyone will have begun to imagine the emotions aroused when the object of this desire is brought to fruition.

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