A fervent environmental activist sensitive to the Journey towards Sustainable Luxury pursued by Chopard since 2013, Marion Cotillard came up with the idea of creating a diamond jewellery set that would embody both her style and her personal idea of responsible jewellery. She wished to share this project with her long-time friend Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, who immediately agreed to devote the expertise of her ateliers to such a purpose. The Oscar-winning actress thus passionately devoted herself to this project, which reflects a fairer form of luxury that demonstrates concern for the men and women who mine raw materials.


This project stemmed from Marion Cotillard's desire to extend her environmental and social concerns to the world of luxury jewellery. During a discussion with her friend Caroline Scheufele, she put forward her idea and asked her if Chopard could provide help from its workshops in fulfilling her goal. This led to the birth of this collection, named Ice Cube Capsule by Marion Cotillard. The Co-President of the Maison left the artistic direction of the project entirely to the actress, while ensuring that Chopard provided the responsibly mined materials and the technical support of the artisans required to produce this enduringly radiant luxury jewellery.
Inspired by the graphic shapes and rock’n’roll spirit of Chopard's Ice Cube collection and by the idea of ethical jewellery, Marion Cotillard designed seven High Jewellery creations in Fairmined-certified ethical gold and diamonds meeting the best international criteria. Under her impetus, the Chopard High Jewellery atelier thus gave life to a ring and six earrings. As the French actress explained: "Chopard has accompanied me since my debut as an actress and I share Caroline Scheufele’s commitment to ethics, so this new collaboration is a great way to further strengthen the ties between us".
Chopard’s Co-President added: "Marion Cotillard is very creative and all our discussions on this project have been extremely inspiring. By bringing her interpretation to our Ice Cube luxury jewellery collection, she is inventing a contemporary and relaxed way to wear diamonds. It is a great pleasure to combine her ideas with our expertise in the realm of ethical jewellery”.

Marion Cotillard's design notably reprises the Ice Cube jewellery collection’s graphic alignment of small faceted cubes, as well as the easy-going manner in which the diamond jewellery can be worn solo or stacked. Renowned for its geometry, the collection is nevertheless infused with a wave of asymmetry that gives it an even more contemporary look and feel. The actress shows undeniable boldness in disrupting the aesthetic codes of traditional jewellery. Because nature does not confirm to the laws of symmetry invented by humankind, the diamond earrings in her capsule collection are all different, complementary, and made to be worn as part of a mix and match game. One side features a series consisting of two connected gold rings to wear on top of the ear; followed by a diamond-set counterpart; and finally, on the lobe, a princess-cut solitaire diamond with a square shape recalling the small faceted cubes of the rings. The other ear features a new combination of three rings connected via the back of the ear, each set with a small diamond, then another, also set with diamond; and finally, on the lobe, a cascade of generous princess-cut diamonds, discreetly set to entirely cover the underlying gold. All these ear jewels have been designed as clips, as Marion Cotillard intends them for non-pierced ears such as her own. Completing this series of diamond earrings to be worn solo or stacked, she has created a luxury ring composed of two rings connected by a princess-cut solitaire diamond.


Like all Chopard luxury watch and diamond jewellery creations since July 2018, the new models in this Ice Cube Capsule by Marion Cotillard High Jewellery collection are made of ethical gold. The 18-carat yellow gold used for these models, mined in accordance with the best social and environmental guarantees certified by the Fairmined label, has been smelted in Chopard's workshops. It is indeed one of the few Maisons to have its own in-house foundry, a privilege that enabled it to convert to 100% ethical gold. Diamonds, on the other hand, are sourced from suppliers who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council.
Through its Journey to Sustainable Luxury launched in 2013, Chopard asserts its commitment to promoting responsible and ethical luxury and has thus become the first great luxury watchmaker-jeweller to make its customers aware of the origin of its raw materials. "True luxury depends on knowing the origin of our products", as Caroline Scheufele likes to remind people. "We know that the project is ambitious and that much remains to be done. Rome was not built in a day. But we have to start somewhere to improve the whole industry.” To date, in addition to gold and diamonds, Chopard has already worked with responsibly mined opals, emeralds and Paraïba tourmalines.


Marion Cotillard and the Maison Chopard are engaged in a long-term love affair, in which each accompanies the other in achieving key milestones. It all began in 2004, when the actress, who was still at the beginning of her career, received the Trophée Chopard: an award created at Caroline Scheufele's instigation to provide annual recognition for two up-and-coming international acting talents during the Cannes Film Festival. In 2008, she was adorned with Chopard diamond jewellery – it is sometimes whispered in Hollywood that the Maison is a lucky charm at the Oscars – when she won the Best Actress distinction at the 80th Academy Awards ceremony. This led to a close and sustained friendship with Caroline Scheufele. A fervent environmental activist, the actress found it entirely natural to support the Maison Chopard when its Co-President launched the Journey to Sustainable Luxury. In May 2013, she became the very first actress to tread the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival wearing the initial models from the Chopard Green Carpet High Jewellery Collection, entirely crafted from ethical Fairmined-certified gold and diamonds from suppliers who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. In 2015, she joined Caroline Scheufele in designing a new bracelet from the Green Carpet High Jewellery Collection, made of ethical Fairmined-certified gold and set for the first time with black opals that were fully traceable and responsibly mined. A regular fixture on red carpets for the promotion of her films, Marion Cotillard never fails to trust the Maison to provide her diamond jewellery choices and willingly accompanies it on the major stages of its Journey to Sustainable Luxury.