Graphic and contemporary
Ice Cube

The Chopard Ice Cube collection is synonymous with quintessentially contemporary jewelry and its pared-down, deliberately androgynous graphic and rectangular shapes overturn traditional jewelry-making conventions. Created in 1999 as an assembly of small graphic cubes, Ice Cube luxury jewelry offers a range of symmetrical rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets subtly mingling gold colors and light effects.

Urban identity

Six facets, 12 edges, eight vertices. A minimalist figure, the cube represents geometric perfection. Sharp and pure, more rock than romantic, between urbanity and modernity, it mocks genres and ignores accepted codes.


The Ice Cube collection plays on its rarity, its "fractured" esthetics and the infinite shimmer of light on its multiple facets. This luxury jewellery collection is completed with versions that are partially or entirely set with diamonds, bringing additional new reflections of light.


With these gold Ice Cube jewels, Chopard treats one of its most emblematic collections to its very own place within the stacking trend. Esthetic simplicity and purity ensure that Ice Cube luxury jewelry models can be mixed and matched at will while preserving their inherent elegance and light touch.

Jewellery with an edge
Graphic, ethical and chic!

Composed of rows of small cubes that have shaped their success, the Ice Cube luxury rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are the ideal fashion accessory to wear solo or stacked.

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