Close-up of Sadie, head bowed and her hand in her hair

An icon of free and committed beauty Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink whose career began in theatre at the age of ten, has been playing the not-to-be-missed character of "Max" in the series Stranger Things since 2017. A tailor-made role which propelled this free-spirited, committed young woman to stardom. Commended for her vitality and enthusiasm, she is determined to use her influence to defend the environment. Today, she lends her captivating beauty to the exciting movements of Happy Diamonds and the values upheld by Chopard.

Her selection The choice of a big-hearted woman

Inspiring and committed, Sadie Sink belongs to the generation of those who are preparing the world of tomorrow: a big-hearted heroine, who lives to the hectic rhythm of the dancing diamonds in her Happy Sport. An iconic watch that she likes to pair with Happy Hearts jewellery, made up of hearts in a variety of colours, according to her mood and activities.

Sadie leaned up against the wall