Mille Miglia Bamford Edition

Chopard has combined its creativity with that of the Bamford Watch Department to deliver a very special edition of its Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph. A must-have in watch wardrobes belonging to gentlemen drivers, the 33 numbered Mille Miglia Bamford Edition proudly displays a sporty and very contemporary look thanks to a 42-millimetre case in bead-blasted Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) stainless steel, an elegant bracelet ensuring optimal comfort, a dark grey dial and highly legible orange markings. Powered by a Chronometer-certified precision chronograph movement, this watch creation reflects the passion uniting Chopard with the world's most beautiful motor race.

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The rebirth of the 1993 icon

The story of the Happy Sport is simple: innovative then, innovative now. What started as a trendsetting alliance of steel and diamonds has blossomed into a watchmaking icon desired by women the world over.
And what beats celebrating the watch that changed it all? A limited-edition re-release of the very first watch launched in 1993.
A faithful hommage to its legendary dancing diamonds and pebble-link bracelet, Chopard enthusiasts are treated to two reworked versions of the original Happy Sport, but with innovations adding an exciting layer of excitement. Time to present the Happy Sport The First.

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The 1000 Miglia, Like Never Before

To commemorate a year like no other, the 39th edition of “la corsa più bella del mondo” will merge tradition and innovation. For the occasion, Chopard has crafted two new watches, modern classics to cross the finish line, and into the future.
The theme for this year, “Crossing the Future”, speaks to a race that is propelling itself forward. Between 16 and 19 June, vintage and electric cars for the first time be led through a familiar route from a new perspective, running counterclockwise, west to east, across the 200 Italian towns and villages on the itinerary. A future-facing take on this historic race that is marked with watches fuelled with its extraordinary spirit.

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Precious Lace - Chopard at Sotheby's

Majestic Paraiba tourmaline necklace revealed as the new star of Chopard Haute Joaillerie’s signature collection.

Available via private sale at Sotheby’s.

Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, presents the latest addition to her Precious Lace collection in an exclusive collaboration with Sotheby's auction house. 

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Seven Happy Women

Happy Diamonds tell a story of a life that is on the move rather than one that is set in stone. Imagine the inimitable sparkle of the purest diamonds, and add a joyful call to freedom and happiness. There is a reason that Happy Diamonds resound with lovers of beauty and positive energy around the world: they offer a burst of laughter that rises above the din.
Seven Happy Women, themselves radiant symbols of diversity, have taken the Maison’s moving diamonds and each turned this legendary Chopard signature into their own emblem of free spirit in movement, another perfect example of perpetual rejuvenation for the Happy Diamonds collection.

Let’s discover what the talented Deepika Padukone, Aja Naomi King, Jung Ryeo-Won, Sadie Sink, Anne Nakamura, Dorra Zarrouk and Yang Zi have to tell us.

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The strength of an icon is to embed itself in our imagination, as if its very existence were indisputable and beyond doubt. And yet Happy Sport could easily never have seen the light of day. It took all the perseverance and determination of Caroline Scheufele to make her vision a reality and bring this emblematic model to life. This victory is about the strength of a woman who knows that her most precious asset is her self-confidence. This victory is that of all visionary women.

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An encounter between two icons of Joie de Vivre

The Happy Sport watch created in 1993 by Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, is a celebration of happiness and Joie de Vivre. It also captures the imagination of every woman who sets eyes on it.
A contemporary icon and longtime friend of the Maison, Julia Roberts stood out as the obvious choice to embody Chopard’s values of Joie de Vivre and free-spirited charm with her communicative energy and world-famous smile.

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Diamonds Are Happier When They Are Free

Freeing precious stones from their straitjacket, consigning to oblivion the rigid corsets constraining diamonds: such was the mantra that seemed an entirely natural choice in the context of 1976. It also marked the start of a veritable revolution that would overturn existing jewellery and watchmaking codes. It all began in the workshops of the Maison, where the idea took shape of a watch adorned with diamonds that would no longer be set in place, but instead free to dance.

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Little Diamonds Do Great Things

At its heart lies a Chopard recipe that never fails to elicit wonderment and desire. The Happy Sport is a women’s watch icon like no other. Celebrating Joie de Vivre and freedom since the release of the first model in 1993, its dancing diamonds catch the eye as much as the imagination.
Each of the five moving diamonds twirl freely between two invisible sapphire crystals, powerful symbols of a free-spirited approach to life.

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Watches and Wonders Fair 2021

A not-to-be-missed event for watch and jewellery enthusiasts, Watches & Wonders is an opportunity to reveal our latest watch and jewellery creations crafted through the unique know-how and expertise of our Artisans.

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