Happy Diamonds Icons

Ring, ethical white gold, diamonds

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Happy Diamonds jewelry is as unique as it is playful. The dancing diamonds are entirely free between two sapphire crystals, thus enabling them to move without restraint, and through this very movement to enhance their inherent sparkle. Little Diamonds Do Great Things


18-carat white gold
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Happy Diamonds Icons
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Discover Chopard's Happy Diamonds diamond jewellery: a collection of moving diamond necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings for women.

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Happy Diamonds jewellery

At Chopard, Joie de Vivre is a founding principle, a breath of fresh air, a form of momentum that is meant to be shared. At the heart of each everyday action, it is this very movement that flutters and brings to life the endlessly renewed ballet of dancing diamonds. The entire universe lights up through a graceful gesture, a generous sign of affection or a smile.