Our diamonds certifications

GIA & HRD Certificates

Chopard entrusts its diamonds to two independent laboratories: the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD). To receive its numbered certificate, each stone is studied by several gemmologists verifying the diamond’s authenticity and evaluating the characteristics of the stone in a non-biased manner. In addition, each Chopard creation comes with a certificate of origin guaranteeing its genuineness.

Chopard Ethical Commitment

Responsible Jewellery Council Certification (RJC)

Chopard operates with the utmost respect for its customers and employees. True to this cornerstone value, the company joined the RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council – in 2010. The mission of this non-profit organisation is to promote human rights and see to it that ethical, social and environmentally responsible practices are applied by all those involved in the jewellery industry’s supply and production chain.

The Kimberley Process

As a certified member of the RJC, the Maison supports the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council, two organisations working to eliminate all trade in conflict-zone diamonds. To actively support them, Chopard has put a system of self-regulation into place for all its suppliers, requesting they not buy or sell conflict diamonds and encouraging them not to purchase stones from unknown sources. In this way, each jewellery creation from the Chopard workshops comes with a certificate guaranteeing its origin.