Chopard Loves Cinema
Joie de Vivre in a new size

The Happy Sport floating diamond watch makes a fresh debut in a dainty 25mm case, paying faithful homage to its free-spirited appeal and the enduring wonder of five dancing diamonds.

Bold style and infinite creativity in miniature

Julia wears Happy Sport 25mm, an everyday diamond watch for women who embrace life wholeheartedly.

[upbeat blues music] 

(On-screen text: CHOPARD LOVES CINEMA) 

(Julia Roberts appears on a movie set talking to James Gray. She wears a white T-shirt and orange flowy pants, with a Happy Sport watch on her wrist and Chopard bracelets.) 


[camera shutter clicks] 

(The image of Julia and James talking freezes and turns black and white like a photo.) 

(On-screen text: DIRECTED BY JAMES GRAY) 

(Julia gathers all the crew members and they form a huddle, then all place their hands together in the middle. Julia's hand on top sports a Chopard ring.) 

[camera shutter clicks] 

(The camera captures the hand stack, Julia smiling in the center.) 


(Julia smiles, laughs and talks to other crew members on the set.)

A dance with time

Invented by Chopard in 1976, the exquisite motion of dancing diamonds between two sapphire crystals has since become an emblem of the Maison, epitomising a legacy of infinite creativity and mechanical excellence.

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