La Montre des Femmes à l’Esprit Libre

Avec Happy Sport, Chopard a inventé plus qu’une montre : une création contemporaine qui embrasse le mode de vie des Femmes! Précieuse et décontractée, elle se porte sur un court de tennis comme à un dîner en ville. "A watch that I can wear 24 hours a day!" telle que la décrit sa créatrice Caroline Scheufele. Depuis le premier modèle de la collection en 1993, cette montre sport-chic par excellence illumine la vie des Femmes Libres : elle les accompagne chaque jour pour être la Femme qu’elles veulent être et conquérir le monde qu’elles souhaitent construire !

Design Iconique

Happy Sport est une Œuvre d’Art horloger, féminine, toute en rondeurs et en courbes douces, offrant un théâtre opulent à la danse des emblématiques diamants mobiles, imaginés comme un écho à l’élan de liberté qui a bouleversé la vie des femmes au XXe siècle. Première montre associant la noblesse du diamant à la robustesse de l’acier, le design singulier de la montre en diamant Happy Sport en fait une icône à mi-chemin entre la montre et le bijou.

Savoir-Faire Chopard

Toutes les étapes de fabrication de la montre en diamant Happy Sport sont réalisées au sein de nos ateliers dans le respect d’un savoir-faire horloger et joaillier ancestral.
De la fonte des métaux précieux au calibre Chopard 09.01-C, en passant par l’usinage du boîtier comme du bracelet métallique, le sertissage et la chorégraphie des diamants mobiles, Happy Sport porte en elle toutes les émotions de chacun des Artisans qui s’est penché sur sa fabrication.

La fiabilité d'un mouvement maison

Le savoir-faire horloger de Chopard et sa démarche d'intégration verticale permettent à la collection Happy Sport d'être animée par un mouvement Chopard 09.01-C de 148 pièces - avec remontage automatique et réserve de marche de 42 heures - entièrement conçu, développé et produit en interne. Les créations de Chopard étant aussi belles à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur, le calibre est visible à travers le fond saphir de la montre.

[ambient synth music] 

(On-screen text: Chopard Happy Sport) 

(Against a pale blue background, the dial of a Happy Sport timepiece fades into view. The dial is white with rose gold hands and hour markers and black minute markers around the edge. The words Chopard, Automatic and Swiss Made are inscribed around the edge.) 

[mechanical clicking sounds] 

(The hands rise from the dial and the dial lifts away completely, leaving the movement bare. The movement slides apart in an animated exploded view, each cog, wheel, spring and screw rotating independently.) 

(On-screen text: Happy Sport Calibre 09.01-C) 

(On-screen text: Chopard - The Artisan of Emotions - Since 1860)

Les Artisans de Chopard apportent un savoir-faire unique afin de faire virevolter les diamants. Inventés par la Maison en 1976, les diamants mobiles tournent librement sur le cadran de la montre grâce au talent des Artisans chorégraphes qui veillent sur leur mouvement.

Matériaux Responsables

La collection se fait l’étendard des choix stratégiques de Chopard pour la promotion d’un luxe durable. Ainsi nos montres Suisses Happy Sport en acier sont-elles dotées de boîtiers et bracelets en Lucent Steel™, un alliage responsable exclusif à Chopard, composé à 80% au moins de matériau recyclé. Les modèles en or sont quant à eux façonnés en Or Ethique.

(On-screen text: Chopard) 

(On-screen text: The journey to sustainable luxury) 

(The words spoken in the video appear on screen among the different images.) 

Our world's most beautiful creation is the planet itself. 

[violin music] 

(The planet Earth turns slowly against a starry black background.) 

Unique, diverse and sublime: filled with treasures that envelop us, captivate us, recharge us. 

(The Colosseum, the rainforest, a sunset, a waterfall, a person hiking up a mountain peak, a person spreading their arms in the sun, the sea, sunlight through the trees, a bull, an eagle, an elephant appear in quick succession.)

The human and natural challenges we face also flood us with emotions which drive us to respond, to act, to overcome.

(A flame reveals a metal stylized golden palm branch. Several images of the Chopard Manufacture in Switzerland appear with its impeccable gardens, and breathtaking mountainous backdrop. A black-and-white sketch of a watch transforms into an L.U.Chopard timepiece against a white background.)

Chopard, a family-owned Maison, is committed to the journey to sustainable luxury, where aesthetics meets ethics. A journey that began a long time ago. 

(Caroline Scheufele talks on a stage with a slideshow bearing the words "Chopard, the journey to sustainable luxury #chopardethicalgold". A model wears a necklace of silver wild cats sitting atop large purple jewel stones. Another wears a pendant with a stylized wolf howling at the moon, and another a large pendant featuring jewel-encrusted camels in the desert. Chains of sparkling butterflies lie on a layer of pink flowers.)

In 2010, Chopard partnered with the WWF to protect biodiversity and safeguard the Earth's natural heritage.

(Artisans work on pieces in the Chopard workshops.) 

Nobody travels such a vital path alone. Chopard is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, achieving RJC Code of Practices Certification in 2012. 

(Close-up of a ring made up of gold squares, a pendant with concentric circles containing mobile diamonds, a Happy Sport timepiece. An artisan polishes a piece, another cuts a shape out of a sheet of metal.)

We are committed to sharing and engaging collectively within the industry to reinvent key points in the value chain. Starting with gold, the signature material in so many Chopard creations. 

(Close-up of gold nuggets being poured into a furnace, of the gold melting. Close-up of gloved hands carefully placing a finished gold timepiece down. An artisan inspects a finished gold palm leaf.)

Thanks to our in-house gold foundry, since 2018, Chopard has been using 100% ethical gold. This meets the highest social and environmental standards existing today. Chopard is proud to actively support a Colombian artisanal gold panning community, one of the most environmentally conscious gold mining operations in the world. 

(A river snakes between trees in a forest. Gold panners work, standing in the river and sifting through the earth and stones. Images of the mountains and forests, a birds eye view of the panners in the water.)

[the music reaches a crescendo] 

Chopard strives to source stones of traceable origin. 

(A rough diamond sparkles against a black background. It flashes green as it is cut with lasers.)

Our pledge to best practices is embodied in the acquisition of a rare and responsibly sourced 342-carat diamond. This gave birth to the exceptional Garden of Kalahari collection.

(A magnificent diamond necklace sparkles, surrounded by pansies.)

Other responsibly sourced stones such as opals, emeralds, and tourmalines have shone as part of Chopard's Green Carpet Collection. 

(Close-up of opals, emeralds and tourmalines, of leaf-shaped jewels with green gemstones.)

[the music stops] 


Like the alchemists of legend, Chopard now transforms materials sometimes wrongly considered less noble into true works of art, by giving a second life to steel. 

(Abstract black-and-white close-ups of metal at different stages of treatment.)

[the music starts again, quieter] 

Alpine Eagle watches have been made since 2019 with a minimum of 70% recycled steel. 

(Close-ups of an Alpine Eagle timepiece at different angles, glinting against a black background.)

But our new commitment takes this further, much further. As of 2023, Chopard commits to using 80% recycled steel in all its existing collections.

(Images of a beachside town with deep blue water, a snowy forest, the smiling faces of Chopard artisans, Caroline Scheufele and Karl-Friedrich Scheuefele outdoors, gold panners, molten gold.)

We have also committed to working with the industry to achieve net zero steel by 2030, by joining the Climate Group Steel Zero. A first in our industry, but not the last step in our journey to sustainable luxury.

(Close-ups of gold pendants, an artisan inspecting a timepiece, an intricate necklace with purple gemstones, a shining gold palm leaf, the inner workings of a watch through its face, the wild cat necklace and the large diamond necklace. Artisans heat steel then temper it.)

Yes, the journey is long. But it is truly empowering.

(Images of forests, trees and the Chopard Manufacture among snowy rooftops.)

With every step, we can all learn more about ourselves, our craft and our responsibilities towards the Earth. With every step, Chopard gets a little closer to the pure emotion which inspires us. Because our emotions inspire us for the better. Chopard, the artisan of emotions since 1860.

(The screen turns black, leaving only the words last spoken written on the screen.)

Diamants de la plus Haute Qualité

A l’exigence des 4 C – taille (Cut), Clarté, Couleur et Caratage – exigée pour l’intégralité des diamants que nous achetons exclusivement auprès de fournisseurs certifiés par le Responsible Jewellery Council, nos Artisans ajoutent une expertise unique pour faire danser les pierres précieuses.

Histoire d’une Icône

Au début des années 1990, Caroline Scheufele invite les Happy Diamonds de Chopard à danser au-dessus d’un cadran de montre – et non plus autour comme jusqu’alors. « Impossible ! » lui objecte son chef d’atelier, qui parie de la récompenser d’une rose par montre vendue.

Intuitive et audacieuse, elle présente finalement en 1993 une montre en diamants et acier, sur un bracelet à maillons ‘galets’ souple et confortable, sertie de saphirs cabochons sur les cornes et sur la couronne, et sur le cadran de laquelle sept diamants mobiles dansent un ballet endiablé.

Nouvelle icône de mode, la montre en diamant Happy Sport fait naître l’esprit sport-chic ! Acclamée par la presse, réclamée par les Femmes. Le chef d’atelier offre finalement à Caroline Scheufele un rosier, dont la floraison ne cesse depuis lors de rappeler que cette montre, dont on avait juré l’échec, est un véritable succès. Qui ne cesse, depuis son lancement, de séduire toutes les générations.

[Music playing] 

[Sound of a projector] 

(On-screen text: Why did you create the Happy Sport watch?)

When I invented the Happy Sport, it was mostly because I was doing a lot of sports. That's why the name Sport is there. At Chopard we had the St. Moritz, which was a cool sporty watch. But for me, there was this sort of... sparkle missing, I really wanted something with a bit of sparkle that you could wear for 24 hours, meaning you can go swimming, waterskiing, play tennis, go shopping, take the kids to school, go to the office. And if you have no time, you're dressed because you have little diamonds running around in the cocktail. So, that, for me, was the free spirit, because today's women are always busy doing something, whether it's taking care of six kids or charitable work, whether it’s travelling or working. And this watch is just perfect for it. 

(Diamonds slide around the text) 

(On-screen text: Chopard)

Créativité Sans Limites

Comme toutes les icônes, la montre en diamant Happy Sport n’a cessé depuis sa création d’être, ce qui en fait l’une des montres les plus collectionnées par les Femmes.
Son boîtier, alternativement rond, ovale ou carré, a accueilli une variété infinie de mobiles et de cadrans, dont la Happy Snowflakes, la Happy Fish ou Happy Hearts ont livré quelques expressions.