20 NOVEMBER 2017
You can't go wrong with the L.U.C Line

With Fall weather in full swing, it is hard to stand out of the crowd, especially for men. What can you do to address this Fall/Winter issue? Chopard had a look into the impressive closets of 2 style geniuses when it comes to masculine elegance: Adam Gallagher aka I Am Galla and Henri-Nicolas from Man Of A Kind. Follow their style moves to reign on the season!

For Businessmen On The Go

At the office, play it like I Am Galla: dare a sophisticated striped suit in a deep navy blue paired with a marsala tie, the most popular Fall shade. Personalize this contemporary gentlemen outfit with Chopard's L.U.C Time Traveler One ultra-thin watch in 18-carat rose gold. It is the ideal companion for international travellers thanks to its complication that displays all the time zones simultaneously.
Complete this timeless look with an impeccably-cut camel coat to achieve perfect Fall/Winter ensembles.
If you're more into classic double-breasted blazers, emulate Man Of A Kind's look. Count on functional and chic accessories like a leather pouch to carry your essentials, and set the accent on your L.U.C XPS 1860 Edition, the luxury watch smart men rely on to polish their look. Its chronometer-certified high-precision movement and flawless alligator strap guarantee exceptional accuracy, as well as a powerful presence on the wrist.

Explore The City In Style

Heading to new horizons? Select a light grey turtleneck and twist this iconic piece with a sleeveless downcoat for a resolutely modern look. Consider adding some wax in your hair like Adam Gallagher for a true cosmopolitan gentleman allure. The missing element to this sensational look? The L.U.C GMT One ultra thin watch, a state-of-the-art watch featuring a black satin-finished dial for ultimate refinement.
Wherever you go, the L.U.C Perpetual Twin luxury watch keeps you company with a comfortable 58-hour reserve. Quite some time when you're on an urban adventure! With its unique alternating matt and polished finishes, you'll look smarter than ever on your rooftop party, stylishly dressed in a sailor jumper and a sky blue blazer, just like Man Of A Kind.

Casual Chic

The modern aesthete always loves an athleisure or casual chic outfit for the weekend. The key to keep it elevated? Embrace neutral colors like beige and white — whatever the season — and minimalist cuts. Pull this trend off with cropped pants and make the whole ensemble sharper with suede loafers. You're all set to start the day! Well, no actually: haven't you forgotten something? Put one of the iconic luxury watches from the L.U.C Collection on, it will work miracles with your bright looks.
It's a man's world, but it would be nothing without a singular watch ticking on your wrist.