Gold foundry artisan

Luxury watches and gold jewellery

This secret place within the Manufacture is dedicated to a material that has been coveted for centuries. Small, shiny nuggets whose weight and density one would not suspect at first glance. It is the realm of Paulo, one of our gold foundry Artisans. He shapes the ingots that will be used by the Artisans of the Manufacture to create luxury watches and gold jewellery. These craftsmen watch over this noble material, guaranteed by Chopard since 2018 to be of ethical and responsible origin.

[A sustained note in the background]

(On-screen text: Chopard presents)

(Beads of gold are poured into a large container)

Some people see me as an alchemist because I transform gold.

(On-screen text: Ethical gold)

(Molten metal glows red hot as it is poured.)

Gold founders are not trained, you learn as you go.

(On-screen text: ART, from the Latin ARS, ARTIS. Talent, skill, dexterity.)

[Soft piano music plays]

(On-screen text: The word ART becomes ARTISAN.)

(On-screen text: From expertise to emotion. Chopard)

(A black and white graphite sketch of the palm of a hand, surrounded by the words EXPERTISE, CREATIVITY, EMOTION.)

I work with my hands a lot.

(A portrait of Paulo.)

(On-screen text: Paulo, Gold Foundry Artisan)

My hands work automatically, but my eye is always watchful.

(On-screen text: Preparing the alloy)

I am the gold founder at Chopard. I stumbled into this profession a little by chance.

(Paulo weighs out different types of metal into different containers.)

We produce our own alloys.

(On-screen text: Copper)

(On-screen text: Gold)

That's really important for Chopard. It allows us to ensure our gold is 100% ethical.

(On-screen text: Filling the crucible)

(Paulo pours the different metals into the crucible and closes the lid.)

You have to be interested in the job. Some people say it's repetitive. But it depends on each person and the emotion a gold bar brings them. Even though it's physical, it's something you have to love. If you don't, you can still do it, but the emotion's missing.

(On-screen text: Melting)

(Close-up of the metals glowing as they heat up and melt into one another.)

When I look into the furnace, I still feel the same emotion, whether it stems from a previous bar I poured, the first or the latest.

(On-screen text: Pouring)

(The glowing liquid metal is poured into a mould.)

(On-screen text: Unmoulding)

(The bar is hung on a chain to cool, then, wearing protective gloves, Paulo releases it from its mould.)

Every bar has its own story.

(On-screen text: Cooling)

(Paulo plunges the bar into a large amount of water.)

[The water bubbles]

I could almost say that someone out there is wearing a piece of jewellery made from my gold. You could see it like that!


(On-screen text: Preparing for lamination)

(A hammer strikes the gold bar which glints in the light.)

[The gold chimes as it is struck]

(On-screen text: Brushing)

(On-screen text: Lamination)

In some way, I help people to dream. In any case, I think, and I'm sure that there's a part of me in every bar.

(The gold bar is flattened in a machine.)

We're here, but not forever. We'll be gone one day. But these noble metals, be they gold, palladium or platinum, will be here forever.

(On-screen text: Compliance check)

(Close-up of Paulo slowly turning over the gold bar, examining its surface.)

(On-screen text: Chopard - The artisan of emotions - Since 1860)

"Some people see me as an alchemist because I transform precious metals, while ensuring that Chopard gold is 100% Ethical. Realising that people out there are wearing a watch, or a piece of jewellery made from my gold makes me feel that in some way, I help to make their dreams come true."

Paulo, Gold Foundry Artisan

Paulo, Gold Foundry Artisan

At Chopard, gold is the basis of everything. It is in gold cases that we assemble the movements that are the beating heart of our luxury watches; and it is on gold rings and chains that we set our precious stones. Yet the gold of our creations radiates a special aura thanks to its origin: since 2018, all this precious metal used in our workshops is 100% ethical. And it is Paulo who serves as the alchemist in this quest. Paulo arrived in this job through one of life’s happy coincidences and has found great fulfilment in his endeavours. He knows that he is the first Artisan in the Maison to touch the gold that will later shine on the women and men who wear our creations. An honour that has nurtured his passion since he joined our Manufacture in 2001.

The process

In this secure workshop, Paulo receives all the materials that will be used to shape 18-carat gold ingots. He places them in the bottom of a crucible before firing them at a temperature of over 1,000 degrees Celsius. The Artisan pours the molten mixture into moulds that will form bars, then cools it in water to crystallise it. The rolling of the ingots will finally give the alloy its hardness. A formula endlessly repeated by Paulo, our skilled alchemist – and always with the same precision.

From expertise to emotions

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