Backstage with Julia Roberts
A secret incursion

Who has never dreamed of going behind the scenes of a Hollywood movie? This is Julia Roberts in action, joking around off-camera, spreading her joy and larks. She knits, finds something nice to say about everyone, slips into trainers under her glamorous dresses, takes over the camera herself and interrupts her script rehearsal to cuddle her dog Myrtle that jumps on her lap.

[upbeat blues music] 

(On-screen text: CHOPARD LOVES CINEMA) 

(A camera operator films Julia Roberts talking and laughing with James Gray.)

(On-screen text: FEEL-GOOD, MAKING OF) 


(Short black-and-white scenes of Julia on the set come in quick succession: sitting on a director's chair and laughing, wearing a sparkling necklace, smiling in heart-shaped dangling earrings, dancing in a loose-fitting black dress, talking to crew members, cuddling a dog.) 

[camera shutter clicks] 

(The camera flashes and Julia poses, smiling, wearring a Happy Sports watch and Chopard bangles.)

(More black-and-white scenes of Julia on the set flick by: laughing, knitting on a sofa that is being rolled across the set, having her hair blowdried by a stylist.)


Julia Roberts

The most beautiful smile in the world
With all the power of a sunny disposition, the most beautiful and famous smile in cinema embodies everything that makes Chopard unique: virtuosity, Joie de Vivre and the Feel-Good spirit.

Immortalising a legend
Alasdair McLellan

Renowned for his sensitive approach to storytelling across fashion, portraiture, landscapes and documentary photography, Alasdair McLellan immortalises the spirit of the Maison in Julia Roberts through a series of never-before-seen visuals.

Film director
James Gray

A fellow industry luminary, James Gray artfully spotlights the authenticity of the human experience by placing relationships at the heart of his craft. Just as Chopard expresses the unique emotional dimensions of its creations, his award-winning cinematic approach reveals the multi-faceted nature of life's Feel-Good moments.

Feel-Good Behind the Scenes
Lucas Flores Piran

Known for his own Joie de Vivre and ability to create great relationships with the personalities he works with, Chopard Feel-Good Behind the Scenes and interview director Lucas Flores Piran says: “It was truly a privilege to have the opportunity to direct the BTS Feel Good campaign. I am honoured to feel part of the Chopard family.”

Making-of moments
Greg Williams

To round off a world-class team of image professionals, Chopard enlisted the help of specialist backstage photographer, Greg Williams. Esteemed for the refreshing candour and authentic glamour of his Hollywood portraiture, he intimately captures the making of the campaign and spontaneity of Julia Roberts in action.

Chopard Loves Cinema
Digital Series

Discover every episode of our Chopard Loves Cinema campaign, celebrating a shared love of the silver screen with global ambassador Julia Roberts.