Polishing Artisan

To comprehend the degree of perfectionism cultivated by Chopard, one needs to have experienced a close look at the surface of a watch case or a piece of jewellery, or to have glimpsed the beauty of a few tiny components in order to grasp the passion with which they have been polished and enhanced by the Manufacture's artisans.
"Even if customers never see them, they will know that everyone at Chopard has taken concern for fine craftsmanship to extremes."
Caroline Scheufele, Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director

Kevin, Polishing Artisan

"My job is to reveal the inherent brilliance and lustre of each piece of jewellery. It is an exclusively manual task, which requires extreme precision"

Polishing is a demanding craft, requiring accuracy and meticulous care as well as a sense of beauty and harmony. Such is the work of Kevin, who has been a jewellery polishing Artisan within the Maison since 2007. Right from the time of his apprenticeship with Chopard, Kevin has been trained to safeguard this ancestral expertise and precious skills. This approach also represents a means of preserving the very soul of watchmaking and jewellery. Machines serve only as an extension of the Artisan’s hand, such as the diamond polishing disc, fitted to a lathe, used to work on even the tiniest screws and reveal their beauty. The final touch, however, is mirror polishing.

Historically, used to prevent corrosion, today, it is more a matter of perfection. The surface of a component is polished until the Artisan can see his or her own reflection in it – hence the name ‘mirror polish’. Artisans thus work to magnify that which is visible – such as a ring, a necklace or a watch case – as well as invisible elements such as certain movement components. This is all part of a quest for the ultimate beauty, a value cherished by Chopard’s Co-Presidents. Well aware of this, the Maison’s polishers demonstrate a subtle blend of passion for their craft, natural pride in fine workmanship, and a relentless pursuit for perfection, along with a humble attitude. 

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