The Queen of Kalahari Diamond

The Queen of Kalahari Diamond

An absolute stone

It’s the story of an extraordinary flower that ‘bloomed’ in the desert, a gem born in an arid yet fertile land. It’s the story of a stunningly beautiful, pure and radiant stone whose beating heart proclaims the wonderment of natural treasures. It’s the story of an absolute stone, The Queen of Kalahari diamond, an exceptional 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity, has given rise to a set of 23 diamonds. Watch the video.

Discovery of a treasure

342 carats, a number that demonstrates the extreme rarity of a diamond of such absolute purity and perfect colour. The Garden of Kalahari collection combines D colour, the best, with F grade flawless clarity. Placed into the hands of the Chopard atelier artisans and their peerless know-how, this 342-carat diamond has found its ultimate expression and most beautiful rendition as an extraordinary set of 23 diamonds, the Garden of Kalahari. Amongst these 23 diamonds, 5 are over 20ct and represent each of the main cut stone shapes: cushion: cushion, brilliant, heart, emerald, and pear.

The 5 jewels born from the Garden of Kalahari

With these five stones, Caroline has built a daring and dancing network of poetic and metaphorical symbols. Under her supervision ,the radiant 50-carat brilliant cut gem becomes a sunflower, the 26-carat heart a delicate pansy and the 25-carat pear a majestic banana tree flower. The perfect 20-carat cushion cut stone goes one-on-one with a scintillating poppy, whereas the 21-carat emerald cut diamond languishes next to the water lily. Shapes and colours interlace and mix in a marvellous scenery, an extraordinary garden where poetry, light and sparkle are the only rules of the game. This extraordinary collection of five jewels was imagined around these incredible stones. They testify to the wealth of creativity and the peerless know-how of the Chopard atelier craftsmen.

Creative Audacity

As Caroline Scheufele explains, “This is a truly exceptional stone. We did not wish to treat it as a mere trophy, but instead to prepare it for a destiny worthy of its stature. “The Garden of Kalahari testifies to the virtuosity of the artisans involved in its conception, as well as in the genius that was essential to its development under the aegis of Caroline Scheufele. “The ateliers really outshined themselves in working on this exceptional project and the synergies among the different crafts were further strengthened by the process”.