The story of the

Queen of Kalahari diamond

An absolute stone

It’s the story of an extraordinary flower that ‘bloomed’ in the desert, a gem born in an arid yet fertile land. It’s the story of a stunningly beautiful, pure and radiant stone whose beating heart proclaims the wonderment of natural treasures. It’s the story of an absolute stone, The Queen of Kalahari diamond, an exceptional 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity, has given rise to a set of 23 diamonds. Watch the video.

Discovery of a treasure

342-carats: an eloquent figure testifying to an extremely rare size for a diamond of such absolute purity and perfect colour. Each of these gems is of absolute colour and purity. Among these 23 diamonds, five weigh more than 20 carats and each of the main stone cuts – cushion, brilliant, heart, emerald and pear – is represented. Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, when our Ateliers received the diamond cut to create the set.

The 6 jewels born from the Garden of Kalahari

Around these five stones, Caroline has built a daring and dancing network of poetic and metaphorical symbols. The collection alone represents almost a full year’s work: thousands of hours lavished on this endeavour by the eyes, heart and hands of the Chopard jewellery artisans and gemsetters. The Garden of Kalahari collection is entirely built around the idea of a jewellery lacework like diamond guipure lace with a luminous cut-out motif.

Creative Audacity

As Caroline Scheufele explains, “This is a truly exceptional stone, but we did not wish to treat it as a mere trophy, but instead to prepare it for a destiny worthy of its stature.” The Garden of Kalahari testifies to the virtuosity of the artisans involved in its conception, as well as in the genius that was essential to its development under the aegis of Caroline Scheufele. “The ateliers really outshone themselves in working on this exceptional project and the synergies among the different crafts were further strengthened by the process”.