Mitte der Siebzigerjahre revolutionierte Chopard die Codes der Luxus-Uhren- und Schmuckgestaltung und läutete eine Epoche ein, die von der Emanzipation der Frau und der Liberalisierung der Gesellschaft geprägt war. Das Unternehmen verneigt sich vor dieser glorreichen Vergangenheit, die seine Identität prägte.

Forever Happy Sport

Mal überwältigend farbig, mal grenzenlos extravagant: Happy Sport markiert eine Trendwende und wurde zu einer Ikone und begehrten Sammleruhr für Frauen. Sie verkörpert die Leidenschaft und Joie de Vivre von Caroline Scheufele. Seit Ihrer Entstehung in den 1990er Jahren steht die Happy Sport für eine lässige Eleganz mit einer Vielfalt von mehr als tausend Varianten. Jede davon beweist die Kreativität der Co-Präsidentin und künstlerischen Leiterin von Chopard. Die Kollektion ist eine aussagekräftige Metapher für die Entwicklung und Emanzipation der Frau im 20. Jahrhundert und unterstreicht die Position von Chopard in der modernen Uhrmacherkunst. Sie inszeniert unablässig eine faszinierende kreative Show, in der Frauen die Hauptrolle spielen. Happy Sport forever!

[music plays]

(On-screen text: LEGACY)

(Against a silvery background, the letters of the word LEGACY rain down, each bearing a pattern reminiscent of one of the Happy Sport watches.)

Overflowing with fearless creativity, an explosion of colors and extravagance, Chopard established iconic watches.

(Stars sparkle on a black background, different watches with colorful designs and sparkling jewels appear. The stars draw together to form the shape of a timepiece, then the word "Chopard".)

(On-screen text: FOREVER HAPPY SPORT)

Guided by a unique family spirit, Caroline Scheufele created an icon in women's watches: Happy Sport.

(Multiple black and white family photographs flit by and end on a photo of Caroline that zooms in. A flash of white light reveals a Happy Sport watch that forms the "O" in the word ICON.)

(On-screen text: HAPPY SPORT)

(Hands reach out, holding or wearing different Happy Sport watches, diamonds dancing within.)

Instantly recognizable as an original, forever present in our lives, an icon represents a turning point, a step forward, a new horizon, a revolution, a symbolic moment, a pioneer, an advocate. They are forever remembered.

(Different Happy Sport ads flash by, from old to new, always featuring the watch's dial at the center of the screen.)

Happy Sport, a pinnacle in women's watches. The watch that sealed Chopard's fate in the world of contemporary watchmaking.

(The C of the Chopard symbol floats in a starry sky, surrounded by Roman numerals.)

(A sketch of the Happy Sport watch is covered by many different versions of the watch, in different colors, materials and designs.)

So popular was the model, it expanded into new territories with new materials, shapes, colors, gem settings and complications. A kaleidoscope of daring and playful variations.

(Colors, gems, Roman numerals, complications and engravings spin like a kaleidoscope.)

Caroline's spirit is infused into each creation.

(Black and white photo of Caroline, one eye covered by her hand adorned with a large sparkling ring.)

She takes us on a voyage, a journey into her life which would become the universe of Happy Sport.

(A rose gold pendant with dancing diamonds inside hangs among colorful painted flowers, lilies and orchids, which part to reveal the words "Happy Sport" surrounded by a swirling line of diamonds.)

Swimming in the deep blue ocean, living out our dreams, seeing La Vie en Rose, speeding through racetracks, going to the moon and back, on adventures to the Arctic, meeting wild animals, walking the red carpet, attending glamorous celebrations, and supporting causes that matter.

(A series of Happy Sport watches illustrate each of these endeavors. Each year of Happy Sport watches rolls by, and the timeless stainless steel case Happy Sport watch stays in the center while the background changes endlessly, with animations of different dial shapes, hands and Roman numeral designs, then a variety of different watches that fill the screen and zoom out into a photo of Caroline.)

From its birth in the '90s until today, Happy Sport watches have embodied more than 1,000 variations. The watch most collected by women, reflecting all their facets and splendor. For the love of the Maison and her love of life, Caroline conveys a passion.

(Caroline sketches on a pad; drawings of the Chopard logo, dancing diamonds and watch face designs appear on a white background.)

Happy Sport is forever connected to Caroline's joie de vivre, forever filling every woman's heart with pure joy.

(Caroline laughs and smiles on camera during an interview. Golden hearts appear on the screen and open up to reveal the word "CHOPARD".)

(On-screen text: Chopard)

“Little Diamonds do Great Things”

Caroline Scheufele ist die die kreative Seele des Unternehmens und hat ihre schöpferische Bestimmung schon als Kind selbst in die Hand genommen . Als Spross einer Uhrmacherdynastie bastelt sie sich bereits als kleines Mädchen ihre erste Uhr aus Alufolienschnipseln. Als Heranwachsende lässt sie ihrer blühenden Fantasie freien Lauf und zeichnet einen Clown-Anhänger, in dessen Bauch kleine, bewegliche Diamanten tanzen. Dieser Clown, der auf Veranlassung ihres Vaters heimlich in den Werkstätten gefertigt wurde, ist das erste Schmuckstück des Unternehmens geworden. Eine fröhliche und verspielte Kreation, die in kurzer Zeit zum Lieblingsgeschenk einer Generation von Vätern für ihre vergötterten Töchter wird, und zum Symbol für das beeindruckende Schmuckabenteuer von Chopard.

[A music box is wound up and begins to play]

(On-screen text: Legacy)

(Colourful graphics appear as though hand-drawn in real time, quickly changing colour and shape, with the word "Legacy" weaving among the designs.)

[Piano music plays]

(A series of line drawings of different sparkling jewels and gems on brightly coloured backgrounds, then a sketch of a clown with diamonds inside.)

Entering centre stage into the world of gems and diamonds, a humorous clown greater enhanced the Maison Chopard.

(On-screen text: Chopard)

(On-screen text: Little diamonds do great things)

(Dancers and gymnasts jump and twirl in vintage films. An open scrapbook reveals family photos, one of which depicts Caroline as a child. The video zooms in on this photo.)

Beyond the spectacle of lights and performance is the story of a dream. Concocted in a young girl's mind, a mischievous little clown would define the future of the Maison, enchanting the world.

(The "C" of Chopard shines against the moon in a theatrical starry sky, with the little clown sitting in its curve.)

Magical moments that shine bright emerging from imagination, a childhood dream.

(A black and white photo of a young Caroline floats through the sky holding giant colourful balloons. A later photo of Caroline as a young woman appears and is surrounded by circus-themed visuals: posters, photos, drawings.)

(On-screen text: 1980s)

In the early 80s, the young Caroline Scheufele, fascinated by the circus, mesmerised by gems, empowered by her mother, inspired by her father, created a fairy tale of her own.

(Colourful butterflies flit across the scene, revealing photos of Caroline's parents which are then enclosed in a snow globe.)

From her innate creativity and passion for drawing, Caroline designed an animated clown, filled with life by dancing diamonds and colourful gems. Her very first jewellery design.

(A quick succession of designs of the clown as part of different pieces of jewellery. A starry sky gives way to a photo of Karl Scheufele through the window of a stylised representation of the Chopard workshop. The image dissolves into colourful glitter as a Chopard gift box appears, exchanged from one hand to another.)

The stars were aligned: Karl Scheufele was spellbound. Secretly, in the Chopard workshops, the clown was brought to life. A surprise gift from the heart for his daughter on Christmas.

(On-screen text: A few years later)

(The clown dances on a spinning paper disc that represents the planet, featuring cut-outs of several landmarks.)

A few years later, it would become an emblem of the Maison, a worldwide success, a timeless gift from fathers to their daughters. This tiny clown gave new meaning to Chopard, opening the next chapter, and marked the birth of Caroline as its creative force.

(Several Chopard designs complete with diamonds spin against a midnight blue background with golden sparkles. A smiling, radiant adult Caroline appears against colourful fireworks. A magic wand sets dancing diamonds into motion.)

From watches to jewellery, she transformed the moving diamonds into dancing diamonds. And soon, Chopard became known for its jewellery collections with an array of Happy Diamonds.

(Animal jewels with dancing diamonds perform in front of a white big top with golden details and the "C" for Chopard.)

It all started with a sparkling, dancing performer, a clown juggling precious stones within. Once again, diamonds were unleashed, magically lighting up the world.

(A hand picks up the clown and lifts it into the clouds, shaking it so diamonds fall like rain.)

To this day, it remains a symbol of everlasting love.

(The clown sits in a carriage that speeds along a track that forms a heart-shaped loop-the-loop, then streaks through the sky among Chopard jewels: flowers, animals, birds. It finishes its ride by curving along the "C" of the word Chopard and dissolves into a star.)

(On-screen text: Chopard)

A symbol that imagination knows no bounds and that dreams have no limits. No matter how small, dreams can change the world.

“Diamonds are happier when they are free”

Die Geschichte der Happy Diamonds beginnt im Kontext tiefgreifender kultureller Umwälzungen der siebziger Jahre. Inspiriert von der wilden Freiheit der Tropfen eines Wasserfalls, beschließen die Ateliers von Chopard, Diamanten erstmals von ihrer Fassung zu befreien: eine wahrhafte Revolution in der Uhrenwelt. "Diamonds are happier when they are free" ruft damals Caroline Scheufeles Mutter aus, als sie erstmals diese künftigen Ikonen erblickt. Als Träger einer universellen Nachricht vermittelt Happy Diamonds Schmuck den Zeitgeist: Was man liebt, sperrt man nicht ein! In ihrer Freiheit und Beweglichkeit werden sie wie die Frauen, die sie tragen: strahlender als je zuvor.

[Music playing]

(On-screen text : Legacy)

(Ripped paper effect on screen, revealing different photos and jewellery underneath.)

(On-screen text : Every once in a while…)

Every once in a while, an idea emerges that can change perceptions.

(Collage-like animation of various images with a car and a camera)(On-screen text : Action!)

(Animation of an astronaut with a moon as a face in outer space. A hand with a bracelet appears from the left side.)

(On-screen text : Story)

This is a story like no other.

(The hand touches the letter O in the word "story" and turns it. The image is ripped up.)

A story from the Maison Chopard.

(On-screen text : Chopard)

(The image is ripped up and jewellery items and images relating to Chopard appear.)

(On-screen text: Diamonds are happier when they are free)

(On-screen text : Happy diamonds – Geneva, Switzerland – Le petit-fils de L.U. Chopard & Cie SA)

"Happy Diamonds" is the story of an invention.

(On-screen text : The story of an invention – with a description of the manufacturing processes by which they are produced)

One that revolutionised the world of watches and jewellery.

(Various Chopard watches)

It all began in the 70s.

(On-screen text: 1970’s)

At a time of freedom, from radical change emerged pure creativity.

(Colourful splashes of paint)

As Chopard set new horizons, dreams were set free.

(Views of a snowy mountain, palm trees and blue skies, a bridge)(views of a surfing woman, a roller-skating woman)

Music rocked the world.

(View of artists of the time)

The way we live and work was transformed.

(Views of people working)

We watched films that redefined cinema.

(Views of the Hollywood sign, a crying woman watching a film)

We travelled faster than ever before.

(View of a hand on a steering wheel, view of a bridge from a car)

(View of a concord airplane)

Fashion empowered women.

(Pictures of models)

Feminism made waves with impact.

(View of women’s marches)

Inspiring women changed the world.

(View of women speaking to journalists)

Women had power.

(On-screen text : Power.)

(On-screen text : Chopard)

With Chopard, diamonds were set free.

(Animation of a hand holding a diamond on the finger tip)

A freedom embodied by Karin and Caroline.

(Photos of Karin and Caroline)

Determined to make Chopard a force to be reckoned with.

(The letter "C" of the word "Chopard")

Their elegance and authenticity infused into the creations.

(Photo of Karin wearing a glittering earring and making jewellery)

In a realm dominated by classic style, a breath of fresh air came through the Maison. With an avant-garde idea thought to be too complicated, unleashing the freedom to create, the impossible became a reality.

(On-screen text : Avant-garde)

(Different views of diamonds)

(On-screen text : Reality)

Deep in the Black Forest, sunlight glistening on a waterfall.

(Animation of a black forest, with a magnifying glass close-up showing diamonds falling)

A vision of diamonds seized by Chopard.

(On-screen text : Chopard)

A phenomenon in a watch.

(Various Chopard watches)

An innovative twist. Diamonds spinning freely, liberated from the shackles of their past.

(Diamonds dance across the image)

(The letter "C" of "Chopard" forms in a starry sky)

These diamonds are happier when they are free. An incarnation of independent women for generation after generation to be free, to be happy.

(Various photos of women wearing Chopard jewellery)

(On-screen text : Happy)

(On-screen text : Chopard)

(On-screen text : Archives / Films credit)

(On-screen text : © Rights reserved)

Free spirited women

Seit ihrer erstmaligen Vorstellung verströmt die kinetische Energie der Happy Sport Diamantuhr ein Gefühl der Lebensfreude. Die Vermählung von Diamanten und Edelstahl stellt die Codes der Uhrmacherkunst genauso auf den Kopf wie diejenigen der modernen Gesellschaft von Frauen über den Haufen geworfen werden, die Positionen besetzen, welche ihnen die Geschichte bisher verwehrt hatte. Immer zahlreicher besetzen sie Posten mit großem Einfluss. In der Familie, im Berufsleben und in der Pollitik wächst ihr Einfluss. Ein neuer Lebensstil entsteht für diese Heldinnen, die ihre eigenen Geschicke mit freiem Geist und Unabhängigkeit in die Hand nehmen. Und die Mode passt sich an. Die Happy Sport Uhr mit frei beweglichen Diamanten ist im Einklang mit dieser Tendenz. Als Pionierin des sportiven Chic passt sie genauso gut zu Jeans und Sneakers wie zu einer Robe und Stilettos. Sie erobert die Podien, die roten Teppiche und die Handgelenke der Frauen!

[Music playing]

(On-screen text : Legacy)

(Animation of brush strokes)

(On-screen text : Happy sport)

"Happy Sport" is a story about remarkable women.

(On-screen text : Story - Remarkable - Women - Inspired)

The women who inspired it.

(A diamond appears the middle of the image)

And the woman who created it, Caroline Scheufele.

(A photo of Caroline Scheufele followed by a heart-shaped diamond)

Chopard's legendary Happy Sport watch tells the story of such courage.

(On-screen text: Happy sport watch)

(On-screen text: Story - Courage)

(On-screen text: Chopard)

(On-screen text: Happy Sport – Free spirited women)

When challenged, women reveal their real strength.

(Five circles come together to form the female sign)

(On-screen text : Time - Power - Ran Faster)

Time and time again, they have proved their power.

They ran faster.

(A woman running)

They beat records.

(On-screen text : Beat records)

(A golden award appears in the letter "O" of the word "records")

They rewrote the way the game is played.

(On-screen text : the way the game )

They travelled to the stars.

(Brush strokes paint a line)

(On-screen text : Stars)

(A rocket takes off and the flames in the motor shape the letter "A" of the word "Stars")

They spoke out against injustice.

(On-screen text : Spoke Out)

(A photo of a woman speaking)

They broke new ground and became icons of their fields.

(On-screen text : New ground)

(Mix of a video of sailboats on water and an animation of golden sails)

(On-screen text : Icons)

(A model wearing a necklace in the shape of the letter "O" in the word "Icons")

They showed the world what women are made of, inspiring little girls who looked up to them.

(Animation of a diamond orbiting the earth like an asteroid)

(A woman looking at a girl)

(Animation of the Chopard building)

At Chopard, Caroline Scheufele created a watch for these women.

(Photo of Caroline Caroline Scheufele)

(On-screen text : For women)

(The letter "O" in the word "For" forms the female sign)

A watch that didn't exist anywhere at the time.

(A Chopard watch on a starry background)

Made in the early 90s for strong and confident women.

(Animation of a hand wearing a wristwatch holding weights and then shaking another hand)

Women who would embody happy sport.

(Various photos of models wearing wristwatches)

(Blueprint of a watch)

She designed a watch made of steel and diamonds.

Something that had never been conceived of before.

(On-screen text : Never before)

A meeting of strength and beauty with diamonds moving freely, dancing like prima ballerinas.

(Different views of the watch)

Modern and classic.

(On-screen text : Modern – Classic)

Sporty yet sophisticated.

(Dancing ballerinas)

(On-screen text : Sophisticated)

(A woman swimming under water)

(On-screen text : Chopard)

Words that would come to define Chopard.

Nevertheless, the road would present obstacles.

(Animation of a diamond bouncing up and down over obstacles, coming in contact with pictures of women as it rises and finally a photo of Caroline Scheufele. Then a hand takes it and puts it into a watch.)

In a conservative world, Caroline's idea was met with scepticism. And so, much like the women that inspired her, Caroline persevered. She took on the challenge and succeeded. Nowadays, it is one of the greatest success stories in watchmaking.

(On-screen text : Greatest success stories)

(On-screen text : Happy sport)

(Various Happy Sport watches)

The Happy Sport dared to introduce a unique combination and led to an entire collection that we know today.

(Photo of Caroline Scheufele)

(An image with closed fists wearing a wristwatch reaching up in protest) (Diamonds moving all across the screen)

Caroline revolutionised women's watches, proving once again, that little diamonds do great things.

(On-screen text : Chopard)

(On-screen text : Archives / Films credit)

(On-screen text : © Rights reserved)


Das perfekte Design, das die erste Happy Sport Uhr von 1993 charakterisiert, lebt wieder auf. Bis heute fasziniert die Uhr dank ihrer Vintage-Ausstrahlung, die jedoch gleichzeitig überaus modern ist. Daher hat Caroline Scheufele nach fast 30 Jahren beschlossen, die außergewöhnliche Uhr mit Diamanten in einer limitierten Edition wieder aufleben zu lassen - der Happy Sport the First. Die mit Spannung erwartete Auflage von nur 1993 Exemplaren ist ein exaktes Abbild ihrer berühmten Vorgängerin: eine Luxusuhr mit geschwungenen femininen Linien aus Edelstahl und einem anschmiegsamen, feingliedrigen Armband. Das silberfarbene Zifferblatt bietet in seiner dezenten Eleganz die perfekte Bühne für das funkelnde Ballett von sieben tanzenden Diamanten. Eine Uhr mit Diamanten, die eine Ikone der 1990er Jahre für die moderne Frau des 21. Jahrhunderts aufleben lässt!

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