Alpine Eagle

Chopard Lucent Steel A223

Special care was taken to ensure that the material used to craft the Alpine Eagle was not only beautiful but extremely high-performance.
Multiple Lucent steel A223 bars piled together.
four years of research

50% harder

Uniquely durable, Chopard Lucent Steel A223 is 50% harder than other steel.
Close up of the Chopard inscription engraved in Lucent Steel.
an intensive reflective & luminous quality

Lucent steel

Chopard Lucent Steel A223 is perhaps most prized for its signature lucent quality that gives the metal an ethereal incandescence.
Close up of the Lucent Steel used to make Swiss watches.
Comparable to surgical steel


Lucent Steel is also antiallergenic, making it comparable in quality to surgical steel. But all this function would be nothing without form.
Lucent Steel is a metal developed by Chopard for use in its Swiss watches.
Safely tested EU Certified


Developed by Chopard and its partner Voestalping Böhler, Lucent Steel A223 is a metal like no other.

Produced with an ethical approach

REACH-certified and produced with an ethical approach, this unique and precious metal is the product of four years of tireless research.
Black and white alpine rocks viewed from above.

The Alpine Eagle Collection

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