Alpine Eagle

Contemporary, refined, assertive, the sporty-chic Alpine Eagle luxury watch collection was inspired by the Alps and the imperious strength of the majestic eagle.


Iconic Design

Nature guides the hand of Chopard watchmakers. The Alpine Eagle Swiss watch is a symphony of exquisite details, each one inspired by the majesty of the Alps and the Eagle.


Embellished with a sunburst motif, the galvanic blue or grey brass dial inspired by the iris of an eagle reminds us that Nature is the most gifted of all muses.

Seconds hand

With its counterweight shaped like an eagle’s feather, the rhodium-plated seconds hand takes the form of an arrow.


Evoking a spirit of adventure, the crown is engraved with a compass rose, an instrument that has helped adventurers find their way since ancient times. Today, it becomes the emblem of contemporary eagles capable of choosing the right direction in the pursuit of their destiny, an invitation to explore the majesty of the natural world that surrounds us.


The gently tapered Alpine Eagle luxury watch bracelet comprises a single ingot-shaped link, topped by a raised central cap reminiscent of its mountain biotope. Crafted in Chopard Lucent Steel™, it is a feat of both technical execution and style.


Father and Son

Nearly 40 years ago, when Karl-Friedrich Scheufele convinced his father to produce a steel watch that would suit the sophisticated but active community of St. Moritz, an icon was born. Years ahead of its class in both form and function, the St. Moritz became the definitive sporty-chic timepiece.

Today, history has repeated itself in the most wonderful manner possible, as a generation later, father and son meet again and the Alpine Eagle is created. The modern re-invention of the St. Moritz is testament to three generations of ingenuity and expertise.

The rebirth of a Swiss watch icon

What once was lives again. The spirit of the St. Moritz watch lives on in the Alpine Eagle. When it was the first introduced in 1980, the St. Moritz stood out for both its material classification and unique design.

The Alpine Eagle is the culmination of three generations of daring and expertise.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele


St. Moritz

Inspired by the active lifestyles and discerning tastes of a sophisticated Alpine elite, the St. Moritz was the Maison's first sports watch, and remains a highly sought-after model to this day.


Certified movement

True to Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s deep commitment to fine watchmaking, the chronometer-certified movements in the heart of Alpine Eagle luxury watches have been developed exclusively by the Maison Chopard.


Responsible sourcing

When it comes to the origins of our creations, we aim to be as transparent as possible and to ensure that our high-quality materials are responsibly sourced.

Recycled steel

The collection proudly epitomises Chopard's strategic choices in building Sustainable Luxury. Steel watches are thus equipped with cases and bracelets made of Lucent Steel™, a responsible alloy exclusive to the Maison and composed of at least 80% recycled material.

Ethical Gold

As an expression of its commitment to responsible luxury, Chopard has used responsibly sourced gold in the creation of its watches and jewellery since 2018. In line with this ethos, the gold models are crafted in Ethical Gold.


Alpine Eagle Foundation

In partnering with Alpine Eagle Foundation, Chopard continues its legacy in protecting its most precious inspiration: Nature.

Meet our Artisans

Our mains d'art

Thanks to its independence and the integration of its various professions, Chopard performs all the production and assembly stages of the collection within its own watchmaking workshops, from movement to bracelet and including components as well as the case.


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