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Alpine Eagle

Iconic Design

Nature guides the hand of Chopard watchmakers. The Alpine Eagle Swiss watch is a symphony of exquisite details, each one inspired by the majesty of the Alps and the Eagle.

Movement & Chronometer

True to Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s deep commitment to fine watchmaking, the chronometer-certified movements in the heart of Alpine Eagle luxury watches have been developed exclusively by the Maison Chopard.

Chopard Lucent Steel™

Uniquely durable, antiallergenic, and scratch-resistant, the Chopard Lucent Steel™ was especially developed for the Alpine Eagle watch collection.

The Alpine Eagle watch collection

"A gentleman’s talk"
Rebirth of a watch icon

Well-known journalist and founder of Revolution Magazine discusses the rebirth of the Alpine Eagle collection with with 2 generations of Scheufeles, Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, and his son Karl-Fritz. Revival of an icon to create the future.

(On-screen text: Chopard presents) 

(On-screen text: Wei Koh - Founder of Revolution and The Rake) 

(Wei Koh, Karl Friedrich Scheufele and Karl Fritz Scheufele sit and speak around a small round table in a traditional wine cellar surrounded by boxes filled with wine bottles.) 

[Wei Koh] The watch is everything you have worked for the last 25 years towards, it's the manufacture movement, it's also the ethics with your first use of recycled steel. It's the revival of an icon, but also to create the future. 

[music plays] 

(On-screen text: Alpine Eagle) 

(The logo sits against a dark speckled background.) 

(The three men continue to chat in the wine cellar.) 

[Wei Koh] I love the story in which... Actually, there's two parallel stories. One about your father when he was a young man, and one that followed, your story related to this watch, and how they intersect as well. 

(On-screen text: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele - Co-President of Chopard) 

[Karl-Friedrich Scheufele] I tried to convince my father that we needed to diversify our production. We should be looking at doing a stainless steel watch. If we work it the way we work gold, it can be a beautiful sports watch. 

(On-screen text: Karl Fritz Scheufele - Son of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele) 

[Karl Fritz Scheufele] When I first arrived onto the Alpine Eagle project, I wanted everything to go quickly, I said we'll have to do this, this and then we'll do this. And now, actually, I'm slowly realizing that no, actually, we should let people enjoy the first versions, understand the story, and I think it's an atmosphere that promotes authenticity, as we said, and promotes creativity as well. 

[Wei Koh] I can't think of anything more authentic than a father and a son creating a watch together which has now become really a part of the future of Chopard. 

(On-screen text: Alpine Eagle) 

(On a pitch black background, the logo sits to the right of a steel watch with a galvanic blue dial inspired by the iris of an eagle as the seconds hand ticks by, before the watch then disappears into the darkness.)

[music continues and fades out] 

(On-screen text: Chopard - The artisan of emotions - since 1860) 

(The text lies on a dark speckled background.)

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Environmental conservation
What Lives There Is Precious

Testament to Chopard's ethical approach, Alpine Eagle gives the Maison an opportunity to reveal its latest commitment to protecting the Alpine environment through the launch of the Alpine Eagle Foundation – of which Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a founding member.