Environmental Management

We aim to minimise the environmental impact of the facilities we own by effectively managing energy usage and water resources, recycling pre-consumer waste materials, and reducing our packaging where possible.

Climate And Energy

We are committed to reinforcing action against climate change by minimising energy consumption and shifting to renewable sources. We are also committed to reducing and mitigating GHG emissions throughout our entire value chain, which includes our three production sites in Switzerland and in Germany, 14 subsidiaries, and more than 65 own-name boutiques.

100% renewable electricity

Our Swiss facilities are supplied by 100% renewable electricity and in 2010, our Fleurier Ebauches production site became the largest renovated building in Neuchâtel, Switzerland to receive the low-energy-consumption Minergie certification. In addition, specific measurement systems are in place to monitor VOC emissions, as well as water and electricity consumption.

-40% Co2 emissions in relation to building’s energy consumption*

In 2013, our Maison signed an agreement with the Swiss government, setting targets related to energy consumption and significantly lowering CO2 emissions. The complete energy transition from fuel oil to gas, window insulation, widespread fitting of LED lights as well as other infrastructure renovation procedures strongly contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In order to mitigate the impacts stemming from employees’ commuting, our Maison is a member of the Centrale Mobilité, which aims to work on solutions for reducing the number of individual cars through a shared transport platform, awareness campaigns and other initiatives.

* From 2013 to 2018 in Switzerland


Water is the most precious resource on Earth. At Chopard, we are committed to managing water resources responsibly, not only at production sites, but also throughout the supply chain. We monitor all water consumption volumes and have implemented water recycling systems in our facilities. Discharged water is treated according to local legal standards.

Our water usage

Since 2019, Chopard installed a closed loop system for cooling the machines in one of the most impactful workshops, resulting in a drastic diminution.
We have also started conducting an assessment of our supply chains to investigate whether any of the key mines from which we source gold are located in water-stressed areas.
Of four key gold mine suppliers located in Latin America, two are located in Arequipa, a region of Peru characterized by a high baseline water stress index (meaning the ratio of total water withdrawals to available renewable water supplies is too high). However, thanks to the fact that these mines are part of responsible sourcing initiatives (Better Gold Initiative), actions have been undertaken to ensure that water is managed responsibly. As a result, no negative impact is caused on the water supply available to local communities, with one of the mines in Peru even proving 100% rate of water reuse as well as collecting rainwater for its mining operations.

Use Of Chemicals

In order to minimize the environmental and health impacts caused by chemical substances, we have created an internal Committee tasked with the research and promotion of the use of alternative materials and substances.

Lower-impact alternatives

Wherever possible, our Maison tries to replace chemicals and potential hazardous substances with lower-impact alternatives. For example, we have replaced the lubricants on 77% of all machinery with a lubricant free of any hazard symbols and therefore less harmful to the environment and human health.


In order to reduce our overall environmental impact, we monitor the waste generated by our operations. Guided by the REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE motto, we have established a thorough range of recycling lines, thus enabling nearly 30 different materials to be collected and reused.

+75% waste sent to recycling and -12% 
in total waste intensity in 2021.


At Chopard, we constantly work to improve the packaging materials used for all our creations. Our watch and jewellery packaging now features materials certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®), Oeko-Tex and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

FSC®-certified paper

All our printed marketing and communication material, as well as all instore shopping bags and wrapping, are made of FSC®-certified paper.
FSC® is a standard setting organisation that promotes the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide.
In addition, we are also looking to increasingly replace the materials used with lower-impact ones. For example, our wooden walnut boxes are produced using FSC®-certified wood, water-based varnish and glue, recycled paper and cardboard, as well as stainless steel hinges and fastening systems which can be infinitely recycled. Our Animal World Boxes are produced with FSC® wood and 100% natural silk.

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