Fairmined is a certified ethical gold, which is extracted by responsible artisanal mining communities. Apart from being produced by small scale mining cooperatives, this is also a traceable raw material with an exact origin.
In collaboration with Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), Chopard has supported some artisanal mining cooperatives in Latin America to achieve their Fairmined certification. This support facilitated several community improvements such as trainings, new processing plants, social and environmental welfare support.

Chopard supports Artisanal Mining Communities

The Fairmined premium the miners receive, in addition to the market price when they sell their gold, is used to improve living and working conditions of artisanal miners and their communities.
Buying Fairmined metals means supporting responsible certified miners and their families that follow strict requirements for social development, environmental protection, labour conditions and economic development in their mining communities.
Fairmined gold is the achievement of the world’s pioneering and industry leading network of responsible Artisanal and Small-scale miners (ASM), an initiative and a movement led by the miners. Thus, using Fairmined gold directly contributes to the construction and strengthening of empowered mining communities while preserving their ecosystems.

Traceability Commitment

Chopard uses Fairmined certified ethical gold for the purpose of offering traceable masterpieces to company customers, a goal achieved through a process of total segregation of this gold at all commercial and manufacturing stages. This segregation method, called “track & trace” within the industry, has found the name of “gold VIP corridor” within the workshops of Chopard. This handling method allows us to deliver our watches and jewellery pieces with a unique passport of origin proving a responsible origin of the gold from which they were made.

Unique in the world

Chopard is the world’s only luxury brand that have developed an industrial competence to use certified ethical gold in a traceable manner.
Only manufactures that genuinely segregate this gold from the rest at commercial and production stages are entitled to use the Fairmined label. At Chopard, this is exactly how this gold is treated at all times. As a result, we have specific products made in Fairmined certified ethical gold, which are brought to the market with a unique passport of origin proving responsible provenance of the gold they are made of.