15 APRIL 2021


Sometimes, perfecting an icon means going back to the drawing board and making the small adjustments that end up making all the difference.
The heart of the Happy Sport automatic watch for women is its self-winding movement housed in a redesigned 33 mm-diameter case. Entirely designed, produced and assembled in-house, the Chopard 09.01-C movement confers unmistakable distinction on the watch thanks to the smooth sweeping of the seconds hand, and a true horological pedigree. Not to mention a 42-hour power reserve that proves perfect for everyday activities. And for those that cannot resist the sight of mechanical perfection, the sapphire crystal caseback means you can marvel at the movement’s delicate running.
This new version is made of ethical rose gold and stainless steel. Tradition doesn’t have to be boring and neither does your diamond watch for women. The Maison Chopard has never shied away from borrowing ideas from the watch or jewellery-making worlds. The Happy Sport diamond watch was the first watch to bring together steel and diamonds and this new model embraces the long-established tradition of two-tone watch cases. The rose gold crown itself features a sapphire adding a refreshing touch of blue.
Because Nature has always been the Maison’s primary source of inspiration, the proportions of the case are based on the golden ratio, calculated in relation to its movement. Used in arts, architecture and science since antiquity, the golden ratio helps compose organic and aesthetically pleasing creations. With a 33 mm-diameter, it is ideally suited to the feminine wrist.
All this adds up to a watch not only tells the time but brings immediate joy and happiness with every look.


A Happy Sport floating diamonds watch for women cannot be anything other than a shining example of dedication to sustainable luxury. Our Happy Sport diamond watches use only 100% ethically sourced gold, just like the rest of our watch and luxury jewellery collections since July 2018.
This marked a major step forward for the Maison and our customers. Together we share a responsibility to planet Earth and our common future. As a family-owned Maison keenly aware of global social and environmental challenges, in 2013 we embarked on a Journey to Sustainable Luxury. By being attentive at each step of the supply chain, we can not only protect and preserve our environment and the people involved but also offer creations that shine in more ways than one.