Red Carpet Collection 2021

Every year for the Cannes Film Festival, Caroline Scheufele dreams up a collection of High Jewelry. It is a stunning demonstration of jewelry-making, paying tribute to cinema and the actresses who embody its radiant energy. The inspiration behind the 2021 Red Carpet High Jewelry Collection was ‘Paradise’ and the lush nature of the mythological or real places populating Caroline Scheufele’s fantasy repertoire. The creations stem from an emotion, from a creative universe whose texture and density unfold in this dazzling High Jewelry collection.
Each piece of luxury jewelry is brought to life by our extraordinary Artisans in our ateliers who use goldsmithing and gemsetting craftsmanship to express the dreamy richness of this fabulous theatre of dreams. In 2021, recreating a Garden of Eden, the 74 creations – in honor of the 74th edition of the Festival, were adorned with diamonds and colored diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, colored stones and more set onto gold crafted in the shape of delightful mystical creatures and verdant flora.

Majestic emerald earrings

Extracted from the fertile soil of Colombia, these two round-cut 36.80 and 32.16-carat emeralds have an exceptionally low number of inclusions for stones of this size. They make a splendid pair of earrings in Fairmined-certified ethical gold adorned with an assortment of pear, marquise and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Lacy heart diamond pendant

A symbol of our Maison, the heart is also an emblem of Paradise in all its forms. It is interpreted as a choker hemmed with a delicate jewelry lacework of emeralds, diamonds and Fairmined-certified ethical gold. A timeless design revealed here in a very contemporary interpretation.

Jewelry time

Because the passage of time is infinitely precious, Caroline Scheufele has designed a jewelry watch of unparalleled richness. Entirely set with diamonds, this luxury watch plays with different gem cuts to compose floral motifs.

Unique expertise

The diamond is the king of precious stones and reigns supreme in the collection, as evidenced by the sovereign elegance of these oval-shaped earrings. They testify to the vocation of the jeweler's work: to reveal the natural brilliance of precious stones, without excessive ornamentation or superfluous frills.

An exceptional yellow diamond necklace

This luxury necklace is designed in an aristocratic manner with interlacing yellow diamonds, before unfolding into a second halo of light on the decolletage. It is adorned with a 30.68 ct fancy vivid yellow diamond that appears to single-handedly contain all the opulent splendor of our goldsmith's paradise.

The eternal purity of the diamond

This majestic platinum necklace is set with the most beautiful diamonds a woman can wear. At the center of a 30.28 ct line of pear-shaped diamonds lies a rare 20.54 ct D-flawless, type IIA diamond - meaning of the highest clarity.

Classic opulence

In a design inspired by classic jewelry codes, this pair of luxury earrings in Fairmined-certified ethical white gold is set with pear-shaped stones as well as two sapphires of over 7 cts embellished with diamonds.

An anthem to Nature

Made of Fairmined-certified ethical gold and tinted titanium, this bracelet brings together nearly 170 cts of cabochon-cut emeralds whose deep green color evokes the regenerative power of Nature.

Colors of paradise

This bracelet with its graphic central motif gracefully adorns the wrist in a colorful composition of assorted garnets, tsavorites, lazulites and tourmalines, crowned with a cabochon-cut 24 ct Spessartine garnet.

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